Dominique Barbès

Trainer and Certified Coach

Corporate coach certified MCC since 2021, with a 27-year experience as a consultant and trainer, Dominique supports leaders and teams, from small, medium organizations up to worldwide corporations. Her clients undertake constant challenges and implement complex strategic changes; they are searching for “out of the box” responses, wish to develop skills to support individual and collective success, even through volatility and uncertainty. Together, they look for new opportunities and build tailored interventions, based on experiential learning, collective intelligence and creativity, such as:

  • Individual leaders coaching for corporations (on-site or remote).
  • On-site and virtual training.
  • Team diagnostic and team coaching.
  • Facilitation of communities of practice; co-development and peer groups.
  • Individual or group coach supervision.

Holding two Masters degrees in Business Administration and Adult Education, Dominique is trained in Corporate Systemic Coaching. She worked as a product manager in the food industry, then managed innovative programs for new entrepreneurs. She has been an entrepreneur herself since 2003, focusing on transforming the working environment through coaching, facilitation, and ongoing learning. Living and working in many countries: France, the United States, now Canada, gives her flexibility skills to support cross-cultural professionals and teams.

Her core values lead her to trust human potential, empowerment, collaboration, as well as continuous learning and innovation. Working with proven methodologies, with over 2500 coaching hours, her passion is to support clients targeted strategies, turn obstacles into opportunities, and provide safe spaces for authentic conversations leading to transformation.