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About us

About AFI Expertise, a division of Edgenda

AFI is known for its wide range of courses and certified training programs that allow individuals, teams and organizations to realize their full potential by adapting to new technologies and constantly changing business environments. AFI provides customers with their choice of public or private trainings and flexible formats to best integrate their organizational context and accelerate their results.

If AFI Expertise shines throughout Canada, it is largely due to the passion of its team and its comprehensive expertise in Information Technology, Leadership and Employee empowerment.

About Edgenda

Edgenda helps its clients constantly adapt to their complex and changing environment by enabling them to be at one with change, redefine the rules and find their competitive edge in a digital world. Edgenda believes that humans and technology go hand in hand and are at the core of any successful organization's transformation. As such, Edgenda's service offer provides support to companies in accelerating their technological evolution as well as in revolutionizing their organizational culture. 

Behind each of the 150 employees who comprise Edgenda's multidisciplinary team, there is a brain, an artist, a problem solver, a global citizen, and a geek, ready to help their clients' "edge" cut through.

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