Providing and receiving feedback

Discover the subtleties and advantages of providing well prepared and effective feedback. Become masterful in the art of giving and receiving feedback.

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  • Duration: 0.5 days
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Course outline

Duration : 0,5 days

This course qualifies you to 3,5 professional training units (PDU) PMI®.

An honest and respectful feedback is a precursor to effective change initiatives. This kind of feedback builds the trust level between the person giving the feedback and the person receiving the feedback and improves the quality and professionalism of the interaction. This type of dialogue permits people to better understand what is at stake, clarify a desired situation, provide a contract on actions to be taken and also reinforce the appropriate behaviors.

At AFI, our training sessions are centered around experiential learning and exploration while using concrete situations. Experiential learning favors living and integrating concepts that help participants apply and adapt their new skills quickly within your environment. This is your occasion to gain both individual and organizational impact!


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  • Recognize and seize the opportunities for feedback in our professional lives.
  • Understand and utilize key factors to provide quality feedback.
  • Practice the art of giving and receiving feedback to enhance our professional interactions.


Recognize the type of messages received

  • The three types of feedback: reinforcement, constructive feedback and recap.
  • Identify the two feedback functions to: inform and motivate.

Distinguish the elements that construct a feedback

  • A simple and effective process.
  • A creative technique for optimal feedback.

Pratice the art of giving and receiving feedback

  • Courageously giving difficult feedback
  • Obstacles and needs
  • Winning conditions
Complete this half day course of giving and receiving feedback with the training « Communicate Effectively » to understand your communication style and evaluate your capacity to create the relationships you want at work.

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Kathleen Sears
Kathleen Sears
Trainer, Coach, Leadership Consultant
Fueled by leadership, decision-making, and a passion for collaboration, Kathleen knows how to get the best out of people to help them achieve their business goals.
Catherine Bédard
Catherine Bédard
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
A passionate businesswoman above all, Catherine is a leadership trainer, coach and consultant who sees companies with a manager’s critical eye.
Ysabel Viau
Ysabel Viau
Trainer, MBA, CQ certified
An artist with an MBA - Ysabel combines creativity and solid business knowledge to innovative training, compelling communications and effective development strategies and compelling communications. She garners over 30 years of experience in marketing and communications as an entrepreneur, GM, CMO, and writer. She has provided strategic development and communications services to local and international businesses in various industries, including technology, design, lifestyle/fashion, publishing and culture.
Alain Beaudoin
Alain Beaudoin
Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant
Known for the creative fuel that he brings to projects thought to be impossible to carry out, Alain is convinced that people are at the heart of change and focuses his approach on each individual’s positive development.
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