Power BI - Introduction

Learn how to use reports and dashboards from a Power BI app.

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  • Duration: 0.5 days
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Course outline

Module 1

Duration : 0,5 day (3,5h)

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It is strongly recommended that you have access to Power BI Desktop to take this course.

If you do not have access to Power BI Desktop, our team can provide you with the necessary tools for the course to run smoothly, at no extra cost.

Consulting Power Bi reports and dashboards can appear complex, given the completeness of the interface. From the Power BI interface, see how to use reports and dashboards from a Power BI application or from existing templates. You'll discover how to filter the data presented to you to enable you to draw relevant analyses and make reliable decisions.

At the end of this program, professionals will be able to use the Power BI service interface from their browser, and understand how to export your analyses for sharing with colleagues.


Professionals who want to create simple Power Bi reports from simple data




Discover Power BI's interfaces to enable you to use reports and dashboards for your analyses

Teaching method

Lectures - Demonstrations - Guided and individual exercises


Chapter 1 - Accessing the service
  • Connect to Power Bi
  • Check your connection
Chapter 2 - The Power BI interface
  • The top bar of the Office menu
  • The left-hand bar of the Power BI menu
Chapter 3 - Exploring Power Bi content
  • Content outside a Power BI application
  • Content inside a Power B application
Chapter 4 - Working with Power BI dashboards
  • The Power BI dashboard
  • Sharing in a Teams conversation
  • Add comments
  • Add a subscription
  • Add an alert
Chapter 5 - Working with Power BI reports
  • The Power BI report
  • Printing report pages
  • Embedding reports
  • Obtaining insights
  • Filtering data
  • Using bookmarks
  • Navigate hierarchies

Surround yourself with the best

Marwa Attafi
Marwa Attafi
I accumulated more than 10 years of experience in IT before coming to Quebec. I have taught computer science and have been in charge of several business intelligence projects and computer science projects to help with decision support. I have a strong experience as an analyst of business intelligence solutions, ranging from the specification and analysis of needs to the generation of dashboards. My passion for this job, my great technical skills and my sharp analytical mind add to my skills to make me a valued and precious resource for my organization.
Nicolas Georgeault
Nicolas Georgeault
My presence among the Microsoft community over the last 25 years has earned me the title of MVP 13 times by Microsoft. I particularly appreciate the space that's offered to explain things in a simple way and to ensure that knowledge is updated according to transformations. After all these years, I can say that my great understanding of the platforms enables me to anticipate their evolution while keeping a pragmatic eye on the challenges that come with this modernization. For these reasons, I am pleased to be part of our Microsoft training program.
Frédéric Paradis
Frédéric Paradis
Certified Trainer and Cloud Architect
As a certified Microsoft trainer, Frédéric describes himself as a Cloud magician who easily navigates the mythical space between technology and reality.
Marc Maisonneuve
Marc Maisonneuve
Training program director
Marc Maisonneuve has acted as a Training Program Director, professional effectiveness trainer and user tools practice leader at AFI for several years. Mr. Maisonneuve is known for his analytical skills, his legendary calm and his undeniable desire to encourage people to develop their skills. He has the ability to present technological solutions in a natural way and to adapt them to the concrete needs of the workplace.

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