• Enriching your consulting role by combining it with business coaching

    By Laura Martel, Marie-Hélène Demers, Diane Francoeur

    “ The best management consultants are those who have a propensity for strategic thinking”. Those words were written by Terina Allen in the article "This Is What It Takes To become A Successful Management Consultant." As the business world is facing a context of perpetual change - where work environments are becoming increasingly complex – consultancy roles, whether internal or external, must evolve. To stand out, strategic advisors must demonstrate strategic vision and greater flexibility to adapt their interventions and actions. But is that enough? Continue reading »

  • Unraveling Law 27 in 4 Points

    By Pierre Ouellette, Laura Martel

    In 2021, in response to the numerous consequences resulting from psychosocial risks in organizations, the law on occupational health and safety was revamped. This has had, and continues to have, significant impacts within organizations, which are obliged to adopt major changes in their management approaches. Continue reading »

  • Meeting with Microsoft Copilot in Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel

    By Maria Bujor

    Microsoft Copilot isn't just a digital assistant; it's an intelligent work companion designed to enhance efficiency, creativity, and time management. We've been hearing about it since Microsoft's official announcement to deploy Copilot across all organizations*. We know it can do great things, but what exactly? Indeed, Copilot makes complex tasks more accessible and intuitive for users of all levels. It's no wonder that 77% of its users say they can't do without Copilot anymore: it only takes a few clicks on the top ribbon of your Microsoft 365 desktop applications to unleash its full power. Continue reading »

  • Why Choose Microsoft Intune for Your Organization

    By Philippe Paradis, Laura Martel

    With hybrid work and mobility becoming major trends in today's organizations, effectively managing the technological infrastructure poses a significant challenge for IT teams. It's worth noting that nowadays, a large majority of the global workforce relies on three or more devices for work, alongside the ability to work from virtually anywhere and utilize a plethora of applications. Continue reading »

  • The dilution effect

    By Marilou Migneault

    Niro Sivanathan, a professor of Organizational Behavior at the London Business School, highlights that when you present a series of arguments, the most convincing ones can often get lost in unnecessary details. Imagine it like adding dye to a water bottle. Initially, the water is vibrant... Continue reading »

  • The Edgenda family acquires Loran

    As Canada's leading learning and education company and one of the country's largest consulting firms in its field, the Edgenda family is acquiring Loran, a consulting firm specializing in strategy and information technology (IT) optimization. Continue reading »

  • Edgenda and its training division AFI Expertise Join AWS APN Training Partner Program to Educate IT Professionals in Canada About AWS

    By Sara Garneau

    Starting this Fall, AFI Expertise will introduce a schedule with 14 different AWS Training courses to be delivered by certified instructors in both English and French, in-class or virtual. Continue reading »

  • What's New in ITIL®4?

    By Stéphanie Boyard

    Since ITIL v3 was released in 2007 (and its updated 2011 edition), a large number of new and updated technologies (Cloud, Serverless Computing, Software-Defined Networking, AI, etc.) have emerged that now need managing. ITIL® 4 reflects these changes. Continue reading »

  • Launch Edgenda

    A merger of the words “edge” and “agenda” is the idea behind the company’s name: Edgenda. This name reflects the importance for each organization to define its “edge” and objectives to ensure its growth and sustainability. Continue reading »

  • Transformation and training

    By Marie-Pier St-Hilaire

    Without a doubt, digital is now at the heart of both our personal and professional lives and is changing our ways at an exponential rate. To succeed, you must constantly adapt, become one with change, reinvent the rules and master your environment. Continue reading »