New partnership : AFI and Pyxis team up

September 23, 2010

Pyxis Technologies, market leader in Agile approaches along with AFI, Information Technology (IT) training center, have pooled their expertise and resources in order to offer advanced Agile training to their customers. This alliance will facilitate access to professional Agile software developers. Customers will benefit from a maximum of advantages as a result of the Agile approaches. The most common known benefits are a faster Return On Investment (ROI), increased productivity, greater quality software, improved project management and better troop morale.

"We are pleased to offer greater access to our training programs, with the help of our partnership with AFI, thus increasing the numbers of software developers who can learn the Agile methods” was quoted to say Martin Proulx, president of Pyxis Technologies.

"AFI is pleased to further enhance its training service proposals through this alliance with the professionals from Pyxis, for the greater benefit of our customers” was quoted to say Marie-Pier St-Hilaire, president of AFI.

Agile methods: Proven methods

According to a study published by Forrester in January 2010, 35% of companies currently use Agile methods. Gartner mentions that, by year 2012, 80% of software development projects will be developed using Agile methods. Scrum is the most common Agile method used (11% of companies are using it) and favored by Pyxis for its training courses.

About AFI

Leader in the IT training field, AFI ( has also been a leader in the field of change management and organizational transformation since 1997. Offering more than 900 IT courses covering office system technologies, project management, development of human relationship competencies and management oriented towards web 2.0. Along with their offices in Québec and Montréal, the professionals at AFI can serve regional customers with the help of their many partners. Finally, AFI has a full offering of consulting services to accompany their customers through their many projects.

About Pyxis Technologies

Since the year 2000, Pyxis Technologies ( always invested in research and experimentation of innovative software development practices. This Québec based company has four offices: Laval (Québec), Québec (Québec), Paris (France) and Grenoble (France). They are known leaders of the Agile approach. To this date, Pyxis Technologies has accompanied more than a hundred organizations who have converted to Agile methods. To this date, Pyxis have trained and certified more than 1200 Scrum specialists (better known as Scrum Masters).

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