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Management in the digital age

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Drive your digital transformation

Many companies are going digital. And that is great news, because studies show that companies with greater digital maturity have significantly higher growth. Yet, according to BCG, barely 30% of digital transformations fully achieve their objectives. One of the keys to success is teams’ ability to adapt, as they can easily feel left behind.

New technologies, real-time data analysis and artificial intelligence are transforming not only the business environment but also the expectations of customers, staff, shareholders and other stakeholders. They are essential to a company’s ability to remain competitive. So, whatever your industry, you need to understand how to leverage digital tools and data to sustainably transform your team and your business.

Our Management in the Digital Age microprogram will help you develop an understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on the business environment and leadership. You will learn how data can be an invaluable tool for accelerating decision-making. And you will discover the behaviours that foster agility and lasting commitment to change, two success factors in digital transformation.

Be ready to ...

  • Support your team and colleagues in adopting changes associated with digital transformation.

  • Facilitate the identification of key processes that can be optimized by technology.

  • Plan workforce needs and the development of essential skills and behaviours to support digital transformation.

  • Enhance your credibility as a transformational leader.

... and drive immediate value for your organization

  • Increase agility to seize digital opportunities and create value.

  • Develop a solid digital strategy to support growth.

  • Overcome obstacles to organizational change.

  • Foster innovation and resilience.

  • Optimize long-term growth through the sustainable adoption of digital technologies.

Experience the learning journey
with Afi U.

Intensive learning experiences designed for professionals seeking rapid advancement in a specific field. Immerse yourself in interactive, in-depth learning sessions led by field experts. Leave with practical, adaptable skills ready for immediate implementation in your workplace.

Engage with your microprogram

Learning activities

  • Workshops
  • Case studies
  • Reading and preparatory assignments
  • Individual action plan

Science and technology

  • Knowledge reinforcement
  • Practical challenges and action plan follow-up
  • B12 platform to support learning transfer
  • Microsoft environment enabling collaboration

The community

  • Mixed cohorts from diverse backgrounds
  • Workgroups with peers in similar roles and functions
  • Preferred access to the Circles by Afi U.

Study plan

Session 1

Business environment transformation and digital leadership

  • Discovering, understanding and developing the core skills of the leader-coach
  • Developing your listening skills
  • Experiencing the leader-coach mindset and assimilating the GROW model

Session 2

Developing an agile, situational leadership mindset; practising and embracing the leader-coach mindset

  • Reinforcing the core skills of the leader-coach: listening and skilful questioning
  • Understanding and developing your leadership style, roadblocks and motivators to develop an agile, situational leadership mindset
  • Assimilating the leader-coach mindset using a practical tool

Session 3

Anchoring the leader-coach mindset and moving forward as a community of practice

  • Reinforcing the core skills of the leader-coach
  • Assimilating new coaching tools
  • Learning in a community of practice by experimenting with energizing coaching sessions

Session 4

Sharing learning and commitments (personal and team)

  • Anchoring the mindset and core skills of the leader-coach
  • Advancing as a community of practice through coaching circle experimentation

Microprogram Lead

Sara Garneau

Sara's talent for harnessing technology for customer experience, operational excellence, and the creation of new business models has shone for over two decades, both in Quebec and internationally, across traditional and emerging sectors. Over the past 25 years, Sara has worn many hats, providing her with a 360-degree vision of technological ecosystems and their impact on organizations.

Reinvent yourself or adapt to the opportunities associated with omnipresent technology: this is the common thread running through Sara’s professional mission and what influences the development of Afi U.’s training experience to support the ongoing digital transformation.

Invited contributors and experts

Jacques Caron
Louis Major
Jean-Philippe Bradette
Nathalie Gosselin
Marie-Hélène Demers