Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

AFI Expertise is committed to respecting your privacy when you complete transactions on its website and to protecting information it collects online for its commercial activities, such as when data is sent through AFI’s catalogue. As such, AFI has created a privacy policy. The purpose of this privacy policy is to outline responsible and transparent practices for managing personal information in all of our dealings with customers.

This confidentiality and privacy policy provides information on:

  • The security safeguards that AFI has set up to protect your personal information;
  • The type of personal information we collect when you register for courses on our site;
  • The reasons we collect personal information, how it is used and who may have access to it.

AFI reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Changes take effect as soon as they are posted on the website, without liability to you or any third party. Should we change its terms, the new policy will be posted on the site, indicating when it was last updated.

Confidentiality and security safeguards

AFI is committed to keep all personal information you share confidential, whether through its website or another means, .

AFI’s website uses SSL protocol for secure transmissions, which sends your personal and credit card information as an encrypted message, thus ensuring its contents remain confidential. As a result, the information cannot be intercepted, altered or decoded by a third party. In addition, AFI’s servers are protected by firewall-type technology.

However, no security mechanism is perfect and you must be aware that there is always a small risk that the personal information you share with AFI may become public through no fault of AFI and without your consent. AFI will assume no responsibility for the disclosure of your personal and confidential information, unless caused by our negligence.

Please be aware that for security reasons no credit card information is stored on AFI’s servers. AFI does not store any data related to credit card transactions, which is why you must resubmit your credit card information for each new transaction. If you have confidentiality concerns about using your credit card on Internet, AFI can take your order by phone, if you contact a representative at 1 877 624.2344 in Québec and 1 866.926.2344 in Montréal.

Customer personal information collected by AFI

AFI only collects the personal information you provide when registering for courses or signing up for wait lists, whether online or by phone. This includes information you provide when commenting on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages, when you fill out coupons to get a discount and when you enter contests.

The personal information we collect includes your name, address, phone number, email address, sex (male/female), age and credit card number, and, with your consent, some additional information. By providing your personal information, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of that information for its designated purpose and in accordance with this policy.

Information collected automatically

We receive and save some information every time you contact us. For example, like many other websites, we could use cookies, which allow us to collect some information when your browser accesses

How AFI uses the personal information it collects

The personal information AFI collects (through the website or another means) is used to open an account in your name, process your order, contact you for a course or contest, provide you with after-sales service, inform you of special offers, provide you with more personalized service and, if you give your consent, to send you information about its website and products.
We may also use your personal information to compile statistics to the extent required by law and pursuant to court orders.

Except with your consent, the personal information collected will only be used by AFI or its franchises, in accordance with this policy.

Third parties that may have access to your personal information

Your personal information may be disclosed to our affiliated companies and/or service providers that help us with our commercial activities or help us manage our services. Our service providers are subject to confidentiality agreements and legal restrictions prohibiting the use of your information for any purpose other than to carry out their specific duties as subcontractors.
AFI may also disclose your personal information to the extent required by law and pursuant to court orders.

The personal information collected on the website is not disclosed to third parties, except under the previously mentioned circumstances. AFI would like to specify that its advertisers and/or partners do not have access to your personal information. In addition, AFI does not market its user lists. If such a situation presented itself, AFI would be sure to create an appropriate confidentiality measure.

Except with your consent, no personal information we collect will be disclosed to anyone outside AFI.

AFI may also disclose your personal information to a third party in the event of a change in ownership; or if a security interest in all or part of AFI were granted through, for example, the sale of assets or the issuance of shares; or in the event of any other type of business combination, merger or joint venture; or as permitted by law.

Links to other websites

AFI’s website contains links to websites managed by other companies. When you click on these links, you leave the AFI website. AFI has not developed, verified the accuracy or checked the content of those websites. AFI has no control over how those websites are managed, and their inclusion on AFI’s website does in no way make AFI responsible for their contents, products/services, or any damage or loss you may incur. Any personal information you send over those websites is subject to each website’s respective privacy policy. We recommend that you pay special attention to those websites’ privacy policies.


Cookies are very small text files that some web pages store on your hard drive. The cookies that AFI uses are harmless in the sense that they cannot extract information from your hard drive. In addition, you remain in complete control of them, as you have the ability to delete them. AFI may use cookies to gauge site traffic, send potentially useful information to its marketing department, and personalize your future visits to its website.

Enhancing your experience

AFI also uses automated applications provided by third parties such as Google Analytics to evaluate its websites’ online activity and services usage. These observations cannot identify you personally. They only analyze the websites’ strengths and weaknesses in order to make your visits as pleasant and useful as possible.

Some cookies are used for remarketing purposes that help us promote our services online. Certain third parties such as Google use both first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics) and third-party cookies (such as DoubleClick) to gather information and display AFI advertisements on various websites. Visitors can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features and personalize their display settings through the Google Ads Settings if they wish.

Right to access, correct and delete information, and questions

You have the right to access, change, correct or delete your personal information. To exercise this right, or if you have questions regarding the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact us at 1 877 624.2344 or the following email address:

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