Stimulating Innovation and Creativity

Learn how to stimulate your creativity and that of your teams to ensure your organization’s growth and performance.

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Course outline

Duration : 3.5 hours

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Innovation is an essential factor in ensuring an organization’s growth and performance.

This course allows you to understand what innovation means in an organizational context, to value and develop creative potential. By integrating creative techniques, you will acquire innovative processes that can be transferred to meet both individual and collective needs.


For everyone




  • Determine the usefulness of creativity and innovation in one’s professional context and aspirations

  • Improve one’s ability to face complexity and experimentation

  • Adapt one’s posture to innovation mode


Brief Theory on Creativity and Innovation

  • Innovation Governance Matrix

  • The VICA Environment

  • Creativity and Innovation

The Innovation Posture

  • Exploratory Activity

  • State of Mind

Innovation and Creative Problem-Solving

  • Characteristics of an Innovative Person and Culture

  • Introduction to Complexity

  • Agile Design Thinking Model

  • The Need for Chaos

  • Process of Divergence, Emergence and Convergence

Surround yourself with the best

Janet Lough
Janet Lough
Janet Lough is a skilled, dynamic, authentic trainer, facilitator, and bilingual coach. She has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in management, training, communication, operations, strategy, and leadership in the non-profit sector and in entrepreneurship. This enables her to better understand her client’s business reality.
Josée Blaquière
Josée Blaquière
Josée Blaquière has more than 40 years of experience as an organizational development consultant, as a facilitator and trainer, and as a coach for leaders and their teams. In addition to her extensive experience with leaders and their teams, Josée has led several conception and animation projects for leadership, performance management and coaching training programs. Josée is a graduate in industrial relations and holds a master's degree in organizational development MSOD.
Dominique Barbès
Dominique Barbès
Trainer and Certified Coach
Dominique Barbès is a certified coach, trainer and consultant in leadership development within various organizations. She is an MCC coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
Marie-Hélène Demers
Marie-Hélène Demers
Chief Executive Officer, Talent and Human Potential
Business coach, entrepreneur and organizational "metteur en scène", Marie-Hélène Demers is ignited by her vision of creating a human, supportive and prosperous world. Vice-President, Human, at Edgenda, she leads the coaching school and the center of expertise #coaching and leadership, with the mission of inspiring the development of people and teams in organization – for better cooperation in the service of our sustainability.