Prevent and Manage Conflict at work

Do conflicts paralyse you?  Detecting a potentially conflictual situation and intervening effectively by adopting a structured approach to resolving a conflict is a developing skill. Take the bull by the horns...and develop your conflict management skills!

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Course outline

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AudienceThis course is designed for anyone wishing to intervene more effectively in a conflict situation, whether in a position of authority or not.


  • Identify the challenges and prevention tactics in conflict management
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities in conflict situations
  • Analyze the source and different phases of a conflict
  • Detect personality differences
  • Utilize an intervention model in any conflict situation
  • Facilitate dialogue by utilizing goal-oriented communication


  • Definition of a conflict
  • Identifying the different sources of a conflict
  • The communication process model
  • Harassment
  • Contributing factors and phases of a conflict
Conflict management
  • Conflict management styles
  • Providing effective solutions through communication
  • Understanding the conflict management process
Mediation or proper negotiation
  • The mediation process of a conflict
  • The five-step intervention process
  • Identifying the required conditions for success
Difficult personalities
  • What is callous behaviour?
  • What is a difficult person?
  • Name different types of difficult personalities.

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Kathleen Sears
Kathleen Sears
Trainer, Coach, Leadership Consultant
A trainer, coach, and senior consultant for over 20 years, Kathleen Sears has solid experience in the implementation and delivery of training programs and as a training and organizational development coach. As a bilingual trainer at AFI Expertise, she has trained several thousand people primarily in management skills development, leadership, communication, and customer service.
Manon Blondin
Manon Blondin
Passionate and dynamic, Manon Blondin works as a consultant in the field of management and change through coaching, training, conferences, strategic consulting and communication. She is a member of the Order of Chartered Human Resources Advisors (CRHA) and the International Federation of COaches of Quebec (ICF), where she obtained her PCC certification.
Florence Jacob
Florence Jacob
As a holder of a double bachelor's and master's degree in management from HEC Montréal, Florence has accumulated nearly 10 years of experience as a consultant and specialist in organizational development. Her career in parapublic, public and private organizations has allowed her to perfect her expertise in coaching and leader development. Promoting knowledge sharing and managerial skills transferring is at the heart of her approaches as a consultant. Florence is known as a committed partner. Her support type is dynamic, structured and oriented towards an opened and transparent communication.
Michel Drolet
Michel Drolet
Executive VP and Strategic Management Advisor
Backed by solid experience in industry, Michel is what you would call a high-level strategic consultant.