Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer : DP-600T00

Learn how to use Microsoft Fabric to create and deploy analytics assets.

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  • Duration: 4 days
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Course outline

Duration : 4 days

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This course covers methods and practices for implementing and managing enterprise-scale data analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric.

Students will build on existing analytics experience and will learn how to use Microsoft Fabric components, including lakehouses, data warehouses, notebooks, dataflows, data pipelines, and semantic models, to create and deploy analytics assets.


  • Individuals with PL-300 certification or similar expertise in using Power BI for data transformation, modeling, visualization and sharing
  • Professionals wishing to use Microsoft Fabric to create and deploy enterprise-wide data analysis solutions


Learners should have :
  • Prior experience in building and deploying data analytics solutions at the enterprise level


  • Introduction to end-to-end analytics using Microsoft Fabric
  • Administer Microsoft Fabric
  • Ingest Data with Dataflowz Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric
  • Ingest data with Spark and Microsoft Fabric notebooks
  • Use Data Factory pipelines in Microsoft Fabric
  • Get strated with Lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric
  • Organize a fabric lakehouse using medallion architectural design
  • Use Apache Spark in Microsoft Fabric
  • Work with Delta Lake tables in Microsoft Fabric
  • Get strated with data warehouses in Microsoft Fabric
  • Load data into a Microsoft Fabric data warehouse
  • Query a data warehouse in Microsoft Fabric
  • Monitor a Microsoft Fabric data warehouse
  • Understand scalability in Power BI
  • Create Power BI model relationships
  • Use tools to optimize Power BI performance
  • Enforce Power BI model security

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