Courageous Leadership

Discover the key traits that you need to lead with courage.
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Course outline

Durée : 1 jour

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Oser prendre des risques et agir avec courage !

Cette formation vise à faciliter l’amélioration de son courage en organisation en explorant ses propres leviers et en portant un regard sur les gestes clés liés à l’exercice du courage. Les exercices pratiques permettront aux participants de prendre conscience des enjeux auxquels ils font face pour mieux développer leurs capacités à faire preuve de courage dans des situations difficiles, savoir interagir avec doigté, diplomatie et vulnérabilité au profit d’une relation saine avec leurs collègues, collaborateurs et équipes.

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  • Découvrir ce qui caractérise le courage
  • Prendre conscience des éléments qui influencent nos décisions d’agir
  • Explorer ses propres leviers nécessaires pour oser le courage
  • Développer sa capacité de prendre des risques et d’agir de façon authentique et courageuse dans des situations difficiles


Partie 1 : Le courage et son importance
  • La définition du courage
  • Les types de courage
  • Pourquoi le courage ?
  • Les qualités d’un leader courageux

Partie 2 : Dynamique du courage

  • La notion de peur et les besoins derrière ses peurs
  • Le modèle du courage et le processus de décision
  • Les conditions favorisant l’expression du courage

Partie 3 : Explorer ses leviers pour oser le courage

  • Les valeurs : moteur du leader courageux
  • Les attitudes relationnelles

Partie 4 : Développer son courage… un pas de plus !

  • Le passage à l’action : explorer ma situation professionnelle qui demande du courage
  • Engagements et définir ses prochains pas concrets

Surround yourself with the best

Marie-Claude Brodeur
Marie-Claude Brodeur
Trainer and Human Resources Consultant
After 25 years in human resources at manufacturing companies large and small, Marie-Claude Brodeur now shares her expertise in the various aspects of human resources management. Her experience has allowed her to gain knowledge about evaluating the function of HR, revising HR processes, managing working relationships, skills development, and the full range of HR responsibilities. Marie-Claude Brodeur holds an MBA degree in innovation and strategy.
Claude Fortin
Claude Fortin
Holder of a master's degree in public administration, Claude worked for 30 years in the Quebec health and social services network. As a strategic advisor, his renowned approach to managing issues that are related to complex organizations and challenges that these businesses are facing is contextualized and modern. He supports organizations in achieving their business objectives and advices companies on the strategy to adopt according to the desired organizational evolution.
Maria Mikulowicz
Maria Mikulowicz
As a trainer, coach and senior advisor for more than 25 years, Maria has a solid experience, both in terms of implementation and dissemination of training programs, as well as a coach in training and organizational development. As a bilingual trainer at AFI Expertise, she has trained several thousand people, mainly in the fields of management skills, leadership, communication and customer services. Maria has led mandates at both tactical and strategic levels: management teams, operations and frontline personnel.
Marie-Noëlle Simard-Déchêne
Marie-Noëlle Simard-Déchêne
Facilitator, coach and collective experiential process designer, Marie-Noëlle Simard-Déchêne takes pleasure in promoting the development of people's full potentiel and supporting reconnection to our deepest intentions. Her background in social sciences and business administration, a field in which she completed an MBA, gives her a varied and complementary knowledge which allows her to take a human and systemic look at individuals and the world. She is known for her gentleness, her joie de vivre and her ability to connect with people.
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