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Olivier Guérin


Olivier Guérin is a certified professional coach in NLP, a supervisor, and an author specializing in the field of Resonance for over 10 years. His clients particularly appreciate his systemic approach, structured co-creativity, and relational ethics, which facilitate awareness and the development of new behaviors conducive to their changing needs.

With more than thirty (30) years of professional experience, Olivier Guérin is a certified NLP coach, management coach for executives and managers, and a change management advisor at Edgenda. He works with individuals and teams, emphasizing the interrelational dynamics that impact or support the achievement of individual, collective, and organizational goals.

He also has significant experience as an account manager for large international companies, contributing to the delivery of numerous technological projects since 2014. Mr. Guérin can quickly discern the needs and issues of stakeholders, promoting their adherence and mobilization to successfully carry out projects that require the reconciliation between technology and relational dynamics at all levels of the organization.

Endowed with remarkable synthesis skills - both in technical and operational terms and interrelational issues - his clients particularly recognize his abilities to develop communication and training plans that foster mobilizing engagement, targeted at key issues identified for the success of the mandates entrusted to him.

Used to working in complex digital environments related to issues of digitalization, business process evolution, and management, his clients appreciate his systemic, pragmatic, and relational approach. An excellent popularizer, Olivier knows how to translate complex concepts into relevant actions and effective follow-ups, thus uniting engagement and the achievement of targeted results.