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Business Operations

Aiming for operational excellence.

Maintaining operational efficiency represents a daily challenge that, once overcome, fosters the flexibility and agility necessary to navigate a constantly changing environment. By harmonizing vision, processes, and systems, companies promote a culture of collaboration and innovation, where each individual understands their role in achieving collective objectives.

Afi U.'s training provides frameworks and tools to enhance your overall performance, nurture your aspirations for continuous improvement, and create value for all stakeholders.

Most popular Off-The-Shelf Training Courses


Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt

Understand Lean and Six Sigma through this training. Learn how to manage continuous improvement project deliverables and gain an understanding of the processes.

6 jours

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ITIL®4 - Foundation with exam

Refresh your basic knowledge with this training. Learn about IT management related to new methods, such as Lean, Agile and DevOps.

2 jours

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Create a Valuable Client Service Experience

Improve the quality of your interventions with your organization's customers through this training. Learn the proper techniques.

1 jour

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ideator_Jacques Caron

Our ambassadors lead and curate course selections to enpower your projects and your ambitions.

Jacques Caron



Balancing efficiency, quality, and compliance is an art that Jacques has mastered through delivering over 300 significant international strategic mandates and managing profit centres of several hundred million dollars over a period of 35 years. Today, with his background as an executive, entrepreneur and professional coach, he assists senior corporate executives in developing profitable, sustainable business models that foster a healthy growth for their organizations.

Inspired by their operating challenges and their drive to innovate, Jacques influences the development of an operational excellence training program, characterized by both his ability to deliver and his ability to create added value.