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Leader as Coach: Better Delegation and Empowerment

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Unleash Your Inner Coach

Coaching is a powerful tool for the professional and personal development of individuals and teams. Mastering this skill will enable you to successfully assume the role of leader-coach, inspiring and propelling your teams toward excellence.

In a study cited by the Harvard Business Review, 3,761 executives assessed their own coaching skills, and then their assessments were compared with those of people who worked with them. The results did not match: 24% of executives overestimated their abilities, rating themselves as above average while their colleagues ranked them in the bottom third of the group. “If you think you’re a good coach but you actually aren’t,” the authors of the study wrote, “this data suggests you may be a good deal worse than you imagined.”

Our microprogram will immerse you in enriching group coaching experiences.

They will help you develop complementary skills in collaborative workshops specifically designed to explore different facets of coaching.

Our learning approach promotes both autonomy and practice while providing opportunities for discussion with peers from various industries. You will be able to enhance your learning by listening to the accounts and experiences of other professionals.

This will strengthen your management skills and unleash your coaching potential for the benefit of your organization.

Be ready to ...

  • Get to know yourself better to improve your management style

  • Elevate your potential and that of your teams

  • Mobilize, inspire and empower teams

  • Adapt to and navigate organizational transformations

  • Adopt a structuring approach using clear, concise tools to enhance your tool kit

... and drive immediate value for your organization

  • Improve your employees’ performance by fostering the development of their full potential

  • Strengthen the engagement and motivation of individuals and teams

  • Foster a learning culture in a constantly changing world

  • Create a positive, participatory work environment

  • Stimulate innovation by encouraging autonomy and the sharing of ideas

Experience the learning journey
with Afi U.

Intensive learning experiences designed for professionals seeking rapid advancement in a specific field. Immerse yourself in interactive, in-depth learning sessions led by field experts. Leave with practical, adaptable skills ready for immediate implementation in your workplace.

Engage with your microprogram

Learning activities

  • Workshops
  • Case studies
  • Reading and preparatory assignments
  • Individual action plan

Science and technology

  • Knowledge reinforcement
  • Practical challenges and action plan follow-up
  • B12 platform to support learning transfer
  • Microsoft environment enabling collaboration

The community

  • Mixed cohorts from diverse backgrounds
  • Workgroups with peers in similar roles and functions
  • Preferred access to the Circles by Afi U.

Study plan

Session 1

Learning the skills and tools of the leader-coach

  • Discovering, understanding and developing the core skills of the leader-coach
  • Developing your listening skills
  • Experiencing the leader-coach mindset and assimilating the GROW model

Session 2

Developing an agile, situational leadership mindset; practising and embracing the leader-coach mindset

  • Reinforcing the core skills of the leader-coach: listening and skilful questioning
  • Understanding and developing your leadership style, roadblocks and motivators to develop an agile, situational leadership mindset
  • Assimilating the leader-coach mindset using a practical tool

Session 3

Anchoring the leader-coach mindset and moving forward as a community of practice

  • Reinforcing the core skills of the leader-coach
  • Assimilating new coaching tools
  • Learning in a community of practice by experimenting with energizing coaching sessions

Session 4

Sharing learning and commitments (personal and team)

  • Anchoring the mindset and core skills of the leader-coach
  • Advancing as a community of practice through coaching circle experimentation

Microprogram Lead

Marie-Hélène Demers

A manager, leader and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Marie-Hélène facilitates the emergence of inclusive, ethical and resilient leadership by helping managers create work environments and dynamics that nurture talent. With a career spanning more than 30 years, she has forged a solid reputation as a driver of organizational transformation through her coaching and leadership development activities and her many publications.

Through a practical and experiential approach, the training programs offered by Marie-Hélène enable professionals, managers, and leaders to enhance their skills, navigate complex organizational environments, and transform into agents of change.

Invited contributors and experts

Marie-Pier St-Hilaire
Véronique Duguay
Virginie Arbour-Maynard
Isabelle Drouin