Power Automate - Introduction

Learn how to create and automate workflows and tasks to integrate them into your business applications.

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Course outline

Module 1

Duration : 0,5 day (3,5 h)

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Power Automate enables you to create and automate workflows and tasks, and integrate them into your business applications. In this training course, you'll learn how to use Power Automate to help automate some of your processes.


This course is designed for users who want to learn how to automate business processes using Power Automate.


There are no prerequisites for this training, but an understanding of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and applications is a plus.


Discover Power Automate's interfaces to enable you to use the automations you may need to take part in your day-to-day activities.

Teaching method

Demonstrations and guided exercises


Chapter 1 - Accessing the service
  • Connect to Power Automate
  • Check your connection
Chapter 2 - The Power Automate interface
  • The top bar of the Office menu
  • The left-hand bar of the Power Automate menu
Chapter 3 - Understanding automation with Power Automate
  • The trigger
  • Actions
  • Logic
Chapter 4 - Exploring types of Power Automate automation
  • Automated cloud flow
  • Instant cloud flow
  • Planned cloud flow
  • Desktop flow
Chapter 5: Working with instant cloud feeds
  • Understanding how to start an instant stream
  • Discover the buttons in the application
  • Learn how to interrupt an instant stream
  • Starting an instant stream from SharePoint
  • Starting an instant stream from Teams
Chapter 6: Working with automated cloud flows
  • Monitoring the execution of an automated flow
  • Learn how to interrupt an automated flow

Chapter 7: Working with approvals

  • Discovering how approvals work
  • Cancel an approval request
  • View and manage pending approval requests

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Nicolas Georgeault
My presence among the Microsoft community over the last 25 years has earned me the title of MVP 13 times by Microsoft. I particularly appreciate the space that's offered to explain things in a simple way and to ensure that knowledge is updated according to transformations. After all these years, I can say that my great understanding of the platforms enables me to anticipate their evolution while keeping a pragmatic eye on the challenges that come with this modernization. For these reasons, I am pleased to be part of our Microsoft training program.
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