Masterclass : Tame the power of metaphor in coaching

Metaphors abound in our conversations, and they are a precious and delicate material for the coach. They are true "bridges" of consciousness, offering a language that allows the two brains, limbic and rational, to communicate better.    This coaching Masterclass introduces keys and tools (right questioning and posture) that allow the client to access his resources and creativity. The contributions are articulated on the key moments of a coaching support, individually and collectively (welcome, pact, objective, exploration, harvest, vision).     The professional coach will develop an intelligence sensitive to metaphors, will be equipped with essential tools, individual and collective, and will have nurtured his creativity, at the service of his clients and their systems.
Private session

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  • Duration: 4 days
  • Regular price: On request

Course outline


Terms and conditions :

  • Online (zoom) :
    • 4 half-days of 3.5 hours
    • 2x2 mornings spaced 3 weeks apart
  • Inter-session practices
  • Group of 4 to 10 participants

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Intent: To equip professional coaches in the art of accompanying clients on their journeys with metaphors. To guide the coach towards an advanced practice at the PCC and MCC levels.
In this masterclass, the professional coach will learn to develop an intelligence sensitive to metaphors, will be equipped with essential tools, individual and collective, and will have nurtured his creativity, in the service of his clients and their systems.
The art of metaphor joins the one of generative listening (Otto Sharmer) and authentic empathy, markers of coaching excellence.
Masterclass given by Dominique Barbès, MCC coach. Experience a coaching practice "with bare hands", where metaphor is king.


Working coaches wishing to use their talent to serve their clients with finesse, depth and respect. Develop listening skills, allow more discovery, intimacy and authentic creativity.


Coach in practice.
ICF certification desirable.


  • Understand the role of metaphors in the emergence of new and/or sensitive information for the client
  • Explore the power of metaphors in individual and group coaching
  • Learn the basics of Clean Language
  • Practice with metaphors and discover the keys to taming them (protocol, posture)
  • Honor metaphors and multiplying the power of known tools: Dilts' levels, timeline, dramatic triangle, hero's journey, space, movement, etc.
Expected results
Participants at the end of the masterclass will have:
  • Developed a conscious, wondering and respectful listening to the client's metaphors
  • Experienced the art of metaphor in individual and team coaching
  • Understood and practiced the basic Clean questioning and the Clean posture in coaching
  • Built their personal metaphor and consolidated their identity as a coach.

Pedagogical method

  • Synchronous, remote
  • Alternating notions, demonstrations and experiments (in diads, triads with observer, fish bowl, large group)
  • In the spirit of coach supervision (based on practice and coaching situations)
  • Main references: Clean Coaching (Bogena Pieskiewitz) - Clean Language (David Grove ; James Lawley and Penny Tompkins )



  • Individual reflection questionnaire and sending of educational material

Day 1

  • Check in ease with metaphors (version 1)
  • Sharing: first harvest of customer metaphors (preparation)
  • The 7 source areas of metaphors
  • Experimentation: the 5 senses & feedback: the point of view of the coach and the coachee
  • The supervision approach (3 levels of expectation)
  • The pact in supervision mode with metaphors.

Day 2: Check-in

  • Check in ease with metaphors (version 2)
  • The basic CLEAN questioning: 5 questions - Demonstration
  • The specific CLEAN posture for working with the client's metaphor
  • Experimentation in trios with observers
  • Exchange: impact - conditions for success - Link with the ICF PCC and MCC competencies
  • Feedback on experience: coach's learning; practice fields
  • Check out of the 2 days and work

Intersession: Integration of learning

  • Peer and client experimentation. Continued metaphor collection. Journaling for feedback to the group.
  • Preparing a coaching or supervision situation and question

    Day 3

    • Check in ease with metaphors (version 3): the Clean Set-Up (alternative mode to create the pact and the commitment)
    • Coaching and Metaphor:
    1. Demonstration (5 questions)
    2. Circular group coaching with the posture and Clean questions
    • Optimizing a coaching tool (individual or team) with the metaphor and experimenting - group choice - in a jar
    • Feedback on the experience: the coach's learnings

    Day 4

    • Check in ease with metaphors (version 4)
    • Experimentation: Building a powerful collective vision with metaphor
    • Individual coaching between participants & debriefing on metaphors
    • Expansion to ethics and other "Clean" approaches
    • Learnings and applications: conditions for success
    • Next steps: creative coach's journal
    • Closing of the masterclass

    Surround yourself with the best

    Dominique Barbès
    Dominique Barbès
    Trainer and Certified Coach
    Dominique Barbès is a certified coach, trainer and consultant in leadership development within various organizations. She is an MCC coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
    Janet Lough
    Janet Lough
    Janet Lough is a skilled, dynamic, authentic trainer, facilitator, and bilingual coach. She has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in management, training, communication, operations, strategy, and leadership in the non-profit sector and in entrepreneurship. This enables her to better understand her client’s business reality.