Introduction to agile project management

Discover project management focused on the entire cycle of the Scrum method as well as all its roles. Become the reference in agility for all your projects.

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  • Duration: 1 day
  • Regular price: $465
  • Preferential price: $405

Course outline

Learn how your organization can benefit from agile approaches, delivering value quickly, iteratively and incrementally

Duration : 1 day

This course qualifies you for 7 PMI® Professional Development Units (PDUs).

This training provides an understanding of the best practices in agile project management, using the Scrum approach. Applying gained knowledge from lectures and discussions, participants will cover a complete cycle of the Scrum approach, from Sprint 0 to sprint retrospective, and benefit from trainer coaching.


Managers, Directors, Chiefs of Services, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Team Members: beginner, intermediate or advanced




  • Recognize the success factors of the projects
  • Master agile project management with the Scrum approach
  • Acquire the common vocabulary

Teaching method

The participants will benefit from personalized coaching from the trainer. Also, the latter will provide necessary explanations through lectures, exchanges and case-based examples.


  • Values and principles
  • The roles of the Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team
  • Start-up (Sprint 0): product vision, product notebook, planning poker, velocity and delivery plan / roadmap
  • Planning a Sprint: Sprint Book, Definition of Done - DoD
  • Realization, monitoring and control of a sprint: daily scrums, burndown charts, task board (kanban) and list of problems
  • Closing a sprint: sprint review and sprint retrospective

Surround yourself with the best

Carl M. Gilbert
Carl M. Gilbert
Expert Leader
Catherine Edgar
Catherine Edgar
Senior Project Director and Project Management Trainer
Catherine not only stands out for her dynamism, but also for her concrete, pragmatic approach.
Nathalie Gosselin
Nathalie Gosselin
VP Strategy and Operations
Nathalie has helped various companies in Quebec and France navigate the start-up and repositioning processes within a context deeply affected by technological development and the digital revolution.
Nathalie Carey
Nathalie Carey
Trainer and Business Consultant
In her role as a performance and transformation consultant, Nathalie sees the bigger picture for your company and takes a comprehensive view of the transformation process.
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