Becoming a conscious leader : mindset and key tools

Apprenez à nourrir et enrichir votre conscience et à vous rendre capable d’effectuer des changements profonds d’état d’esprit comme leader
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  • Duration: 4 days
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Course outline

Duration : 4 half-day group sessions, remotely, every 2–3 weeks

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Building on the foundation of integral leadership of Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams and Edgenda’s coaching program on Transformational Leadership for Senior Leaders, this workshop will introduce you to the two main areas of transformational leadership: creative skills and reactive tendencies to raise your level of mindfulness as a leader and your level of effectiveness in exercising your strategic role in your organization.


For directors, team leaders, leaders and bold managers who want to challenge, transform and improve their leadership skills.


In this workshop, you will learn to nurture and enrich your level of awareness and to make profound changes in your mindset as leader to meet today’s challenges. You will develop a higher level of awareness as well as your capacity for cooperation and you will learn powerful tools to carry out strategic projects more effectively in a turbulent and unpredictable environment.

At the end of this workshop, you will have keys:

  • To achieve immediate concrete results
  • To bring out the best in your teams
  • To lead with meaning
  • To act with integrity, courage and resilience
  • To improve your organizational systems
  • To play consciously with your high-performance leadership style

Teaching method

Teaching method: a pedagogy of Becoming

The workshop, set up like a training camp with an executive coach, is inspired by International Mozaik’s global (mind/heart/body) and strategic (transformational changes) approach in training of coaching fundamentals for leaders in organizations. The basics of integrated transformational leadership (Leadership Circle) serve as benchmarks for leaders to appropriate and experiment in real situations their ability to “go elsewhere” with mindfulness and the practice of the essential skills of a mindful leader.

Our educational approach is based on:

  • Peter Senge’s systems approach to connecting the four disciplines of a learning organization: mental patterns, personal professional maturity, cooperation and a shared vision of a changing organizational culture
  • The principle of homeostasis to bring security AND openness to transformation
  • The Compass of Change to find your way on the path of transformation

The pedagogical biases of our approach are:
  • Building a learning network with participants
  • Practising co-learning
  • Connecting within yourself and with others the energies of mind, heart, body


Material: the Integral Transformational Leadership Model (Leadership Circle), a transformational leader’s strategic toolkit, and a workbook/logbook of your experience.

Duration: 4 half-day group sessions, remotely, every 2–3 weeks:

  1. The mindset of a mindful leader: the foundations of the Integral Transformational Leadership Model
  • Knowing yourself to know others
  • Connecting to share and co-build the future together
  1. Powerful alliances that make sense:
  • Daring to say, do and be to co-build new collaborations with peers and with customers
  1. The transformational leader in action
  • Living your mindful leadership in action: experiential practice of transformation from real situations
  1. Being an awareness-raising leader and promoting the desired new organizational culture
  • Appropriating an integrative tool to manage mindfully and succeed
By following this workshop, you will see how the “operational system” of a leader works on a daily basis. This will allow you to make connections with your inner system of thought, which paradoxically translates into a productive AND unproductive system of leadership. In the end, you will raise your level of mindfulness as a leader, you will gain a higher presence, a greater collective, relational and emotional intelligence as well as a better technical knowledge of leadership and experiential knowledge of being a leader.

Preparation and practice

The success of the workshop is based on the commitment of each participant in the workshop: attendance, active participation, and preparation by following the instructions given before the workshop: readings and reflections recorded in your journal to bring to the sessions; daily practice using tools provided in the exercise of the role played by the participant in their organization.
AFI Expertise and its promise
AFI Expertise Inc. puts in place the winning conditions, the coaching process, and the best pedagogical practices to enable each participant to learn to become a transformational leader to succeed and make their organization successful.

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Marie-Hélène Demers
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Monique Daigle
Trainer and Certified Coach
Known for her ability to reposition action strategies while taking an organization’s evolution, dynamics and culture into account.
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Sylvie-Anne Leroux
Trainer and Certified Coach
Sylvie-Anne is an international Executive and Leadership Coach as well as a Coach Supervisor with over 25 years’ international experience as an executive in senior HR and development roles across various industries, such as manufacturing, engineering, telecom, accounting, consulting, finance, airlines and healthcare. She holds a Master’s degree in Management & Organizational Development, and is a Certified Human Resources Professional.
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Izabel Coutu
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