Adobe Acrobat - Editing, reviewing, and annotating PDF documents

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  • Duration: 1 day
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Course outline

Duration : 1 day

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Use powerful tools to add or remove text or images directly in your PDF document. You can correct spelling mistakes, change the font, adjust alignment, resize text and more in a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat DC. Work remotely and stay productive in all circumstances by adopting tools that facilitate collaboration and allow you to ensure the continuity of your business; Easily share a PDF document with others for viewing or commenting and tracking and managing revisions using appropriate devices.


Windows - User or equivalent – Adobe Acrobat Reader


  • Learn to edit text, images, and objects in a PDF document.
  • Learn how to transform scanned documents into editable PDF documents.
  • Effectively handle the pages of a PDF document.
  • Add interactivity and multimedia to PDF documents.
  • Share, review and manage comments.
  • Consult and rigorously follow up on revisions.

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos – Guided and individual exercises



- Modify the elements of the PDF:
  • Select text, objects.
  • Edit text, image, or object.
  • Add, move, and delete text or images.
  • Align and organize objects.
  • Find, replace text.
- Manage the PDF document:
  • Add attachment to PDF document.
  • Put two or more PDF documents side by side.
  • Insert headers and footers.
  • Add watermark or background.
- Handling the pages of a PDF document:
  • Rearrange the pages.
  • Delete and replace pages.
  • Crop pages.
  • Extract pages.
  • Split PDF document into multiple files.
  • Insert pages from another PDF document.
  • Insert a blank page.
  • Transfer pages between PDF documents.
  • Split the window of a PDF document.
  • Improve scanned PDF documents.
- Interactivity and multimedia:
  • Explore interactivity actions.
  • Apply page transitions.
  • Create and manage bookmarks.
  • Create and manage hypertext links.
  • Insert and manage multimedia elements (audio, video).
  • Define the initial view of PDF document.

- About comments.
- Set preferences for comments.
- Use the Drawing commentary and annotation tools:
  • View and explore commenting tools.
  • Add note, highlight text and other review tools (Text, Audio, Stamp, etc.).
  • Modify the appearance of a comment (Properties, style).
  • Use the drawing annotation tools.
  • Use @mentions in comments.
- Manage comments:
  • Select, copy, modify and delete a comment.
  • Combine and ungroup drawing annotations.
  • Respond to comments.
  • Mark comments with a check mark.
  • Define the state (Accepted, Canceled, Completed, Rejected).
- Search, sort, and filter comments.
- Compare two versions of a PDF document and print the comparison report.
- Show, hide all comments.
- Import, export comments to a data file (FDF).
- Create a summary of comments.
- Print a revised document with the summary of comments.
- Share a PDF document for viewing, reviewing, or tracking in Adobe Acrobat DC:
  • Using the Share function in the Tools view.
  • Using the “Share a link” to this file function.
  • By e-mail (Attachment or link).
  • Using the Share this file with other people function.
- Share a PDF document for consultation, review, or follow-up in Microsoft Office:
  • Using the PDFMaker Create and Send for Review tool (Acrobat Ribbon).
  • Using the Create and Share Adobe PDF file context menu.

- Track revisions of PDF documents shared from Adobe Document Cloud:
  • Using the Adobe Document Cloud review link.
  • Using the Adobe Acrobat DC desktop application.
- Track revisions of shared PDF documents from a network folder:
  • Set tracking preferences.
  • Use the tracking device.
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