Access - Data structuring and normalization

Determine database normalization rules. Create, structure and format a database. Establish relationships between tables, create a database table.
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Course outline

Duration : 1 day

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AudienceAny data base user or manager


Windows - User or equivalent


  • Determine database normalization rules
  • Create, structure, and format a database

Teaching method

Presentations - Demonstrations - Guided and Individual Exercises


Chapter 1 - Establishing Relationships Between Tables

  • Understanding the role of relationships
  • Create a relationship between two tables
  • Understanding referential integrity
  • Perform cascading operations

Chapter 2 - Creating a Database Table

  • Understand the basics of creating a database
  • Create a table
  • Set the primary key
  • Change the structure of a table
  • Edit field properties

Chapter 3 - Inserting External Data

  • Import data from another application or network
  • Import Excel and Access data

Chapter 4 - Creating Simple Queries

  • Use the Query Wizard
  • Create a simple query in design view

Chapter 5 – Creating Forms

  • Use the Form Wizard or The Instant Form

Chapter 6 - Creating Simple States

  • Use the State Creation Wizard or Instant State

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