Nathalie Gosselin

VP Strategy and Operations

Nathalie Gosselin, VP, Strategy and Operations, at Edgenda, has more than 20 years of experience as both a manager and consultant in strategic management, organizational, and business development for large companies, SMBs, and public organizations. She has a PhD in proactive crisis management in the technological development field and a double international master’s in business administration and sustainable development.

She has successfully shepherded a number of strategic and operational projects for organizations going through periods of profound transformation, under intense pressure, or on the brink of crisis. In the process she has helped organizations evolve by activating the right levers and moving from a transformation to a sustainability plan.

As president of Vortex Conseils, she actively collaborated with several Integrated Health and Social Services Centres (IHSSC) and Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS) during periods of organizational transformation. As a strategic advisor to the VP, IT of Quebec’s occupational health and safety commission (CSST) and the province’s standards, equity, health and work safety commission (CNESST), she worked on a project whose goal was the organizational transformation of business sectors.

As the vice-president of the CRIM, an IT research think-tank in Montreal, she took on the role of executive general of a virtual collaborative test centre set up for the start-up community and for the certification of health-related software dealing with sensitive data and their standardization. She also directed the CRIM’s training centre, which is based on leading technologies and the transference of applied research in IT. In addition, she has organized conferences and worked on applied research projects on behalf of various industries affected by technological development and the ubiquity of IT.

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