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Management in Turbulent Times

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Skilfully Navigating Disruptions

In an ever-changing business world, managing in turbulent times is a strategic necessity. Technological advances, economic crises and international upheavals can upset the balance in any organization.

“ When difficulties arise, employees at all levels want honest answers, bold ideas and decisive plans. They want to trust company leadership to chart a course into the future instead of allowing the business to flounder in the face of change,” writes Kevin O’Neill in a Forbes article entitled Why Building Trust Matters In A Turbulent Economy.

Knowing how to manage in such circumstances means adapting to new realities, dodging obstacles and seizing opportunities.

Our microprogram will give managers the tools they need to make decisions quickly, accelerate change processes and deal with organizational challenges.

The content of our program is based on cutting-edge research and promotes the practical application of learning. It will give you the competencies and skills you need to fully understand the implications of the Cynefin decision-making framework and the VUCA concept (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) for your collaborators and your organization.

At the end of our course, you will have the skills to guide your teams and your organization effectively and efficiently while optimizing your results in a constantly changing environment.

Be ready to ...

  • Acquire the self-awareness and emotional intelligence to lead in a complex environment

  • Assimilate the key principles and processes for leading your people, your teams and your organization

  • Understand your organization’s complexity and turn it into a positive vision

  • Provide effective leadership in volatile times

  • Facilitate change within your organization

... and drive immediate value for your organization

  • Foster more informed, situational decision-making

  • Anticipate, prevent and resolve challenges proactively and effectively

  • Respond to crisis situations in an orderly, strategic manner

  • Create a more positive, productive work environment

  • Cope with uncertainty and minimize adverse effects

Experience the learning journey
with Afi U.

Intensive learning experiences designed for professionals seeking rapid advancement in a specific field. Immerse yourself in interactive, in-depth learning sessions led by field experts. Leave with practical, adaptable skills ready for immediate implementation in your workplace.

Engage with your microprogram

Learning activities

  • Workshops
  • Case studies
  • Reading and preparatory assignments
  • Individual action plan

Science and technology

  • Knowledge reinforcement
  • Practical challenges and action plan follow-up
  • B12 platform to support learning transfer
  • Microsoft environment enabling collaboration

The community

  • Mixed cohorts from diverse backgrounds
  • Workgroups with peers in similar roles and functions
  • Preferred access to the Circles by Afi U.

Study plan

Session 1

Leadership in the modern world

  • Defining Cynefin and VUCA in the modern world: The “new normal”
  • Analyzing traditional and modern leadership styles
  • Leading through change: Key principles needed for the 21st century 

Session 2

From volatility to vision

  • Providing effective leadership in volatile times
  • Understanding strategic courage in the age of volatility
  • Turning volatility into vision and creating a knowledge advantage

Session 3

The challenge of constant change – from uncertainty to understanding

  • Exploring what it means to develop an effective digital-ageculture
  • Understanding how to pin down and define something as abstract as organizational culture

Session 4

The political challenge: Networks and influence

  • Understanding the difference between hard and soft power and why it is important to develop soft power, especially in increasingly horizontal, network-driven work environments
  • Discovering the human propensity for “familial” and “clannish” relationships and why disruptions can force us to become more socially curious and exploratory
  • Understanding the servant leader

Session 5

The challenge of ambidexterity and execution: Managing contradictions in turbulent times

  • Building organizational Agility: The Agile leader
  • Defining ambiguity and the impact on the organization
  • Understanding the attributes of an ambidextrous leader
  • Executing the vision more effectively in a turbulent world

Microprogram Lead

Véronique Morin

With over 20 years working in the field in support of organizations, Véronique draws on a variety of methodologies and best practices for managing organizational change. Having been involved in a variety of transformation projects in both the public and private sectors, she looks at things from a strategic perspective. She knows how to translate stakeholders’ needs to best target the measures required to manage the transition and aim for the individuals' and teams' commitment to change. Her listening ability and her people skills are essential qualities in her roles as executive leader and business coach.

Invited contributors and experts

Luc Lachappelle
Pierre Ouellette
Véronique Duguay