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Virtual Classroom

Did you know that our virtual classrooms give you access to a wider range of training sessions?  Thanks to our live distance learning courses, you can now take the courses you need regardless of how far away the classroom is.  Whether it takes place across the street or at the other end of the country, your only concerns when choosing a course are that it includes the skills that you want to acquire and that it’s in the format that best suits your needs.

We never compromise on quality: our virtual courses give you access to the same resources as the participants that are physically attending the classes.  From your computer, you will be able to see what is happening in the classroom, ask questions aloud or via instant messaging, share your screen and even interact with other participants.

How does it work?


With our vast selection of virtual, you get an opportunity to experience the many benefits of distance learning:

  • Be flexible – Whether you choose to learn at home, in your office or elsewhere, you no longer need to travel out of town or to go through the hardship of rush hour traffic in order to get the  training that you need.
  • Save money – The cost of a virtual course is the same as a traditional one.  The only difference is that you will save lots of money on gas, parking, public transport, meals and lodging costs.
  • Live interaction – Share your screen with your trainer and ask him questions anytime using our state-of-the-art collaboration and communication tools.
  • Premium quality – No compromise on quality: you will be able to see everything the trainer is presenting and you will have access to the same learning material as the in-class participants.
  • Easy access and technical support – You can easily log on to the course in a couple of simple steps.  You also have access to live customer and technical support if needed.
  • Practice labs – You can test your new skills and knowledge with online practice labs.


  • Is my computer powerful enough?

    It most probably is.  Your computer simply needs to meet the following technical standards:


    • 2 GIG of RAM
    • Windows 7 or later version
    • Adobe Flash Player 11.2 minimum
    • Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
    • 512 band width for each participant


    MAC OS

    • 1 GIG of RAM
    • Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome
    • Adobe Flash Player 11.2 minimum
    • 512 band width for each participant


  • Do I need a headset?

    We recommend using a headset with microphone to avoid being distracted by background noises.  You can also choose to use your computer’s speakers and microphone.

  • What type of internet connection do I need?

    For optimal performance, we recommend using a high-speed wire Internet connection rather than a wireless connection.  However, both can be used.

  • Can I use a tablet or mobile device?

    Yes.  You can use a computer, a tablet with an Internet connection or a mobile device.

  • What is screen sharing?

    Both you and your trainer can see each other’s screen.  You can watch his presentation live and he can see your screen if you need any help with an exercise.

  • Is screen sharing safe?

    Yes.  No one can watch your screen without your permission and the trainer cannot come back later to see your files because you control its access.

  • How can I interact with the trainer?

    At any time, you can click on the “speaking” icon and ask your question using your microphone.  You can also use instant messaging (chat) to type your question.

  • Do I need to be in a  room for my virtual class?

    Your virtual course is available in any place as long as there is an Internet connection.  We highly recommend choosing a quiet environment.  To avoid being distracted, close the door, turn off your cellphone and close your email.  Clear your workspace to be as comfortable as possible.

  • What can I do if I have a technical problem during a training session?

    You can either ask your trainer for help or call technical support at 1 877 624.2344

  • How long do the virtual courses last?

    Our virtual classes are actually real courses being broadcasted live, so their length is the same as our traditional training sessions and varies according to which course you choose to take.

  • Can I send questions to the trainer after the training session?

    Yes.  During the 3 months following your session, you can ask questions about the content of your course by email to the following address:  operation@afiexpertise.com


Ready to use a new way of learning?