Maria Mikulowicz


As a trainer, coach and senior advisor for more than 25 years, Maria has a solid experience, both in terms of implementation and dissemination of training programs, as well as a coach in training and organizational development. She works in education and training as a facilitator, instructional designer and director of training and skills development services.

As a bilingual trainer at AFI Expertise, she has trained several thousand people, mainly in the fields of management skills, leadership, communication and customer services. Maria has led mandates at both tactical and strategic levels: management teams, operations and frontline personnel.

She recruited, trained and supervised multicultural teams of counselors and trainers. While working as a manager, she improved the quality of work through the integration of elements of the KAIZEN system.

She is passionate about increasing skills, improving interpersonal relationships and developing leadership. She supports organizations in achieving their business objectives and successfully leads numerous development programs for leaders and their teams.