Davy Adam


Davy Adam is a bilingual consultant how's sharing his activity between France and Canada. He has been working as a trainer, a coach and a strategic business consultant for several years.

He started his trainer's career as a specialist in virtualized infrastructure with VMware products, alternating between the roles of adviser and VCI trainer - VMware Certified Instructor. As a trainer for the Global Knowledge group, he created various training courses, including infrastructure virtualization project management, private cloud project management and storage technology architecture.

In 2014, Davy made a shift towards cloud computing and became a technical and educational reference in his team, as well as the 1st AWS Authorized Instructor - AAI. He was in charge of facilitating training, both for beginners and experts, and of supporting other trainers from his team by mentoring them in their AAI skills development project.

In 2018, Davy founded his company WiseBear. He therefore formed partnerships with companies around the world who wished to become ATP certified and delivered official AWS training. In 2020, his path crossed AFI's by Edgenda for the first time and from there a strong partnership was born.

Through his mandates, Davy works with companies to assist them in the adoption of cloud computing. He supports small and large businesses in the implementation of best practices, design and drafting of architectural documents. He also supports businesses who aim to upskill their teams in terms of DevOps culture, DevSecOps compliance and security automation and FinOps.

Since the end of 2021, he has been a regular contributor to a canadian podcast (PolySecure) that talks about security and clouds. In addition, he acts as a coach with people who wish to take control of their personal or professional life.

His motto: “Knowledge has no value unless it is shared”