Work efficiently remotely

Collaborate effectively from home with this training focused on best practices in communications,organization skill and adoption of tools.

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Course outline

Duration : 3,5 hours

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Tele-working, working from home, dispersed teams: whether we like it or not, remote working is becoming a common practice in our lives. Taking advantage of this work mode requires a revision of the way you communicate, organize and collaborate as well as the adoption of new technological tools. Are you ready to transform your habits?

The training course called « Working Efficiently remotely » was designed for the professional who wants to optimize their approach to working remotely to increase productivity, maintain his or her contribution to the team and keep their balance.


For all




  • Organize your workspace to be more efficient
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with your remote team
  • Establish a routine and practices to optimize your time

Teaching method

Lectures - Demonstrations - Directed and individual exercises


My space, my environment

  • Setting up my workspace
  • Building my work routine
  • Finding my way around remote work

To establish effective communication

  • Work intelligently with the different tools
  • Learn how to optimize virtual spaces

Manage your time and control your interruptions

  • Understand the 5 types of time management personalities
  • Implementing tips for good time management
  • Organize your activities in a balanced way

Surround yourself with the best

Florence Jacob
Florence Jacob
As a holder of a double bachelor's and master's degree in management from HEC Montréal, Florence has accumulated nearly 10 years of experience as a consultant and specialist in organizational development. Her career in parapublic, public and private organizations has allowed her to perfect her expertise in coaching and leader development. Promoting knowledge sharing and managerial skills transferring is at the heart of her approaches as a consultant. Florence is known as a committed partner. Her support type is dynamic, structured and oriented towards an opened and transparent communication.
Kathleen Sears
Kathleen Sears
Trainer, Coach, Leadership Consultant
A trainer, coach, and senior consultant for over 20 years, Kathleen Sears has solid experience in the implementation and delivery of training programs and as a training and organizational development coach. As a bilingual trainer at AFI Expertise, she has trained several thousand people primarily in management skills development, leadership, communication, and customer service.
Janet Lough
Janet Lough
Janet Lough is a skilled, dynamic, authentic trainer, facilitator, and bilingual coach. She has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in management, training, communication, operations, strategy, and leadership in the non-profit sector and in entrepreneurship. This enables her to better understand her client’s business reality.
Manon Blondin
Manon Blondin
Passionate and dynamic, Manon Blondin works as a consultant in the field of management and change through coaching, training, conferences, strategic consulting and communication. She is a member of the Order of Chartered Human Resources Advisors (CRHA) and the International Federation of COaches of Quebec (ICF), where she obtained her PCC certification.