Negotiation and Influence

With Niro Sivanathan Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School.

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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Regular price: $4,650

Course outline

Duration : offered in 2 full-days

Unleash the master negotiator in you, and discover how to think, strategize, implement and conduct negotiations. Brick by Brick, you will be transformed into a dynamic and agile principled negotiator, who leverages the science of negotiations and Influence to achieve superior outcomes.

The microprogram is taught by Niro Sivanathan, Professor at London Business School, who has guided hundreds of leaders through numerous high-stakes and strategic negotiations. In this immersive, highly interactive microprogram, you will learn proven approaches to achieving concrete results, best practices and strategies to give you a critical edge at the bargaining table.

This microprogram by Afi U. represents a rare opportunity to take part in a class that has received an average rating of 9.8/10 throughout the world at various executive workshops and at the London Business School.

You will be challenged through real-life negotiation simulations and receive individualized feedback on your performance. You will master complex deal-making negotiations, as well as learn to masterfully resolve disputes, and everything in between.

Our six sessions will focus on negotiation and influence skills - how do we get what we want while growing the pie and leaving our customer/stakeholder satisfied? Through a variety of simulations and cases dealing with negotiations, and influence, we will explore the processes by which leaders can bring value to themselves and their organization.




Be ready to ...

  • Use interpersonal influence tactics in individual and group settings
  • Build stable coalitions
  • Use cognitive shortcuts and biases to your advantage
  • Secure commitment in a deal
  • Systematically prepare for a negotiation

... and drive immediate value for your organization

  • Leverage the science of negotiations to both create and claim value for your organization
  • Mobilize advanced strategies in negotiations to arrive at win-win deals
  • Boost overall profitability through better deal-making
  • Enhance your organization's reputation


Study plan


Cognitive & Psychological tools of Influence @ the Bargaining Table
In our first session, we bring together extant knowledge on decision-making and the psychology of influence to develop a set of tactics and strategies to influence others at the bargaining table and beyond. The first half will draw on cognitive structures such framing, and presentation of information to influence others.
Simple Two-Party, Distributive Negotiations
In our second session, we consider a simple negotiation. We will discuss how one prepares for a negotiation and how to secure as much of the pie for oneself as possible. Thus, we will discuss various ‘win-lose’ strategies.
Case: Negotiation Case 1
Day 2
Multiple Issue, Integrative Negotiations
In our second session, by engaging in a more complex multi-issue negotiation, we introduce participants to concepts of Paereto efficiency, tradeoffs and scoring systems. We discuss ‘win-win’ strategies.
Case: Negotiation Case 2
Multiple Issue, Advanced Integrative Negotiations
In our third session, we build on the foundational lessons of distributive and integrative negotiation strategies, by introducing three advanced value creating/ integrative negotiation strategies all designed to help negotiators grow the pie.
Case: Negotiation Case 3

Teaching Method
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Learning activities

  • Workshops
  • Case study
  • Reading and preparatory assignments
  • Individual action plan

Science and technology

  • Knowledge reinforcement
  • Practical challenges and action plan follow-up
  • B12 platform to support learning transfer
  • Microsoft environment enabling collaboration

The community

  • Mixed groups from diverse backgrounds
  • Workgroups with peers in similar roles and functions
  • Preferred access to the Circles by Afi U.

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Carl M. Gilbert
Carl M. Gilbert
Expert Leader
Carl M. Gilbert is a coach, mentor and project manager with more than 25 years of experience in project management, mainly in information technology. He has trained more than 25,000 people in project management (in traditional, agile or hybrid mode) all around the world. Carl M. Gilbert is an engineer and also holds a master's degree in project management from with a specialization in international project management. For 25 years, he has specialized in strategic consulting in project management, program management and portfolio management.
Catherine Edgar
Catherine Edgar
Senior Project Director and Project Management Trainer
Catherine Edgar is a senior project director with more than 25 years of IT experience at large firms. Over the course of her career, Catherine has developed management expertise with a focus on the human impact brought about by change. She has excellent problem-solving, training, coaching and interpersonal relation skills. Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in management information technology, as well as a certification as a project management professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI).
Jean Falardeau
Jean Falardeau
With a Masters degree in Science and a bachelor in information systems, Jean Falardeau has been in the business for more than 35 years. He works in business architecture and analysis, strategic consulting, change management, enterprise architecture, business process reengineering and AgilityFor nearly 7 years, Jean trained more than 400 people showing them best practices in architecture and business analysis. His work was based on guides such as BABOK and BIZBOK.
Michel Drolet
Michel Drolet
Executive VP and Strategic Management Advisor
Backed by solid experience in industry, Michel is what you would call a high-level strategic consultant.