Implement a Machine Learning solution with Azure Databricks : DP-3014

Learn how to use Azure Databricks to implement machine learning solutions at scale.

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  • Duration: 1 day
  • Regular price: $795
  • Preferential price: $675

Course outline

Duration : 1 day

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Azure Databricks is a cloud-scale platform for data analytics and machine learning. Data scientists and machine learning engineers can use Azure Databricks to implement machine learning solutions at scale.


  • Intermediate
  • Data scientist


  • Experience using Python to explore data
  • Have trained machine learning models with popular open source frameworks, such as Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, and TensorFlow

*Remember to complete the Create machine learning models learning path before starting this one.


  • Explore Azure Databricks
  • Use Apache Spark in Azure Databricks
  • Train a machine learning model in Azure Databricks
  • Use MLflow in Azure Databricks
  • Tune hyperparameters in Azure Databricks
  • Use AutoML in Azure Databricks
  • Train deep learning models in Azure Databricks

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