Dynamic and productive meetings

Learn the best practices and let you apply strategic and powerful tools for generating results and satisfaction

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Duration : 1 day

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Are you a manager or leader who wants to turn your virtual, face-to-face or hybrid into dynamic, productive, and human work sessions? This course will teach you the best practices and let you apply strategic and powerful tools for generating results and satisfaction. No more boring and useless meetings! You will leave this course with all the confidence and knowledge you need to level up the impact of your meetings.


Anyone in charge of organizing and leading meetings.




  • Learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid for holding effective meetings.
  • Discover and use technological tools designed to stimulate and organize ideas and decisions during meetings.
  • Explore the technique of role delegation to leverage and mobilize collective intelligence.
  • Learn and apply powerful and strategic Time-Out techniques to deepen and enrich discussion and decision-making.

Teaching method

Through presentations, discussions, discussions, situational exercises, and reflection, workshop content ties in closely to participants’ day-to-day workplace reality to allow for next-day application of learning and skills.


Best practices for dynamic and productive meetings

Revisit the criteria often used to justify meetings, identify best practices to satisfy the real needs of participants and organizations, make meetings more human and time effective.

Effective technological tools to support meetings.

Learn about tools and solutions for structuring meetings, gaining and holding participant attention, taking note of ideas and decisions, creating easily accessible timeline documents, communicating meeting content to absentees, etc.

Powerful technique of role delegation to eliminate participant boredom and disengagement.

Discover and apply role delegation to transform meetings into a more human, empowering and stimulating participant experience to maximize collective mobilization of ideas and contributions.

Strategic Time-Out techniques to generate more productive discussions.

Explore and apply powerful techniques for deepening discussions, fostering dialogue ROI, and turning meeting decisions into real bottom line results for the organization.

Surround yourself with the best

Marc Maisonneuve
Marc Maisonneuve
Training program director
Marc Maisonneuve has acted as a Training Program Director, professional effectiveness trainer and user tools practice leader at AFI for several years. Mr. Maisonneuve is known for his analytical skills, his legendary calm and his undeniable desire to encourage people to develop their skills. He has the ability to present technological solutions in a natural way and to adapt them to the concrete needs of the workplace.
Janet Lough
Janet Lough
Janet Lough is a skilled, dynamic, authentic trainer, facilitator, and bilingual coach. She has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in management, training, communication, operations, strategy, and leadership in the non-profit sector and in entrepreneurship. This enables her to better understand her client’s business reality.
Maria Mikulowicz
Maria Mikulowicz
As a trainer, coach and senior advisor for more than 25 years, Maria has a solid experience, both in terms of implementation and dissemination of training programs, as well as a coach in training and organizational development. As a bilingual trainer at AFI Expertise, she has trained several thousand people, mainly in the fields of management skills, leadership, communication and customer services. Maria has led mandates at both tactical and strategic levels: management teams, operations and frontline personnel.
Marie-Claude Brodeur
Marie-Claude Brodeur
Trainer and Human Resources Consultant
After 25 years in human resources at manufacturing companies large and small, Marie-Claude Brodeur now shares her expertise in the various aspects of human resources management. Her experience has allowed her to gain knowledge about evaluating the function of HR, revising HR processes, managing working relationships, skills development, and the full range of HR responsibilities. Marie-Claude Brodeur holds an MBA degree in innovation and strategy.