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Masterclass: Resonance in Coaching

Join our MasterClass "La Résonance en Coaching" and explore Olivier Guérin's Résonance Matrix, a practical model to enhance your coaching skills, identify and manage resonances, and increase your effectiveness.   You will experience two (2) interactive sessions of 2.5 hours each, spaced three (3) weeks apart, allowing you to integrate these techniques concretely and immediately.

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  • Duration: 2 days
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Duration : Duration: Two (2) interactive sessions of 2.5 hours, spaced three (3) weeks apart.

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This training is offered in French Only.

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Olivier Guérin
Olivier Guérin
Olivier Guérin is a certified professional coach in NLP, a supervisor, and an author specializing in the field of Resonance for over 10 years. His clients particularly appreciate his systemic approach, structured co-creativity, and relational ethics, which facilitate awareness and the development of new behaviors conducive to their changing needs.