Master RxJS - Workshop

Understand reactive programming using RxJS and Observables in your Angular projects.
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  • Duration: 1 day
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Course outline

Duration : 1 day

"To Master Angular, you have to Master RxJS". But... RxJS comes with a steep learning curve, and we've seen so many teams struggling to use it properly within Angular. This live online workshop gives you a very practical approach to finally understand reactive programming and empower you to use RxJS and Observables in your Angular projects through lots of hands-on practice time. We'll show you how to implement Data Composition with Observables in order to have a full stream-based app!

PrerequisitesThis is a technical course which offers a continuous mix of theory (powerpoint) and labs (work on computer/laptop). Each section has slides, demos and exercises (see the course outline below). We are strong proponents of learning by doing, so every participant should have a computer/laptop.
Teaching methodYou should have significant experience with the core concepts of Angular and TypeScript.


RxJS and Reactive Programming

Data Composition with Observables

Exploring some RxJS operators and implementing them in a real world Angular business app

  • map
  • tap
  • filter
  • shareReplay
  • startWith
  • debounceTime
  • distinctUntilChanged
  • combineLatest
  • fromEvent
  • exhaustMap
  • ... and more!

Using RxJS Subjects

  • Subject
  • Behavior Subject
  • Replay Subject
  • Creating an Observable Data Service with RxJs Subjects

Handling errors in RxJS code

  • Using the catchError operator
  • Using a custom Pipe in components templates
  • Adding an HttpInterceptor for failed Http Requests

Creating a custom operator

Higher-order Mapping Operators comparison and best usage

  • SwitchMap, ConcatMap, MergeMap

Best practices

Common pitfalls

Final QnA

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