Leader as Coach: Better Delegation and Empowerment

Enhance your leadership-coach posture by learning to delegate more effectively and empower your teams. Explore an interactive and proven microprogram that enables you to achievement of business results by generating your employees accountability and autonomy.

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  • Duration: 7 days
  • Regular price: $2,800

Course outline

Afi U. Microprogram

Duration : 7 half-days

Coaching is a powerful tool for the professional and personal development of individuals and teams. Mastering this skill will enable you to successfully assume the role of leader-coach, inspiring and propelling your teams toward excellence.

Our microprogram will immerse you in enriching group coaching experiences. They will help you develop complementary skills in collaborative workshops specifically designed to explore different facets of coaching.
Our learning approach promotes both autonomy and practice while providing opportunities for discussion with peers from various industries. You will be able to enhance your learning by listening to the accounts and experiences of other professionals.
This will strengthen your management skills and unleash your coaching potential for the benefit of your organization.


  • Leaders, managers, supervisors;
  • Strategic advisors and other employee support players;
  • Project managers and coordinators;
  • HR professionals.

Be ready to...

  • Get to know yourself better to improve your management style
  • Elevate your potential and that of your teams
  • Mobilize, inspire and empower teams
  • Adapt to and navigate organizational transformations
  • Adopt a structuring approach using clear, concise tools to enhance your tool kit
  • Improve your employees’ performance by fostering the development of their full potential
  • Strengthen the engagement and motivation of individuals and teams
  • Foster a learning culture in a constantly changing world
  • Create a positive, participatory work environment
  • Stimulate innovation by encouraging autonomy and the sharing of ideas

Learning Objectives

  • Learn coaching basics and key skills (e.g., active listening, powerful questioning, giving feedback, constructive dialogue).
  • Exploit the full potential of your coaching mindset by applying your strengths and talents and learn to adapt your leadership style to the context.
  • Use and apply coaching techniques/tools in conversations to increase your impact and empower your team.
  • Learn to co-create stimulating development plans with your employees and teams for greater success.
  • Identify and evaluate measures of success and potential roadblocks to management, leader, supervisor, and coach transformation.

Proven results of the program

This program will help you develop strategic coaching skills so you can go back to work with hands-on experience and know-how to coach your teams and achieve your projects. Through practice with tried-and-tested tools, you’ll draw from your newly gained experience immediately in your professional context.

Develop and improve the skills you need to be able to coach employees throughout the organization and nurture an organizational learning culture for greater impact.

Experience the learning journey with Afi U.

Intensive learning experiences designed for professionals seeking rapid advancement in a specific field. Immerse yourself in interactive, in-depth learning sessions led by field experts. Leave with practical, adaptable skills ready for immediate implementation in your workplace.

Engage with your program

Learning activities

  • Workshops
  • Case studies
  • Self-assessment of transformational leadership skills
  • Individual projects and action plan
  • 2 group coaching sessions
  • Preparatory reading and assignments

Science and technology

  • Knowledge reinforcement
  • Practical challenges and action plan follow-up
  • B12 platform to support learning transfer
  • Microsoft environment enabling collaboration

The community

  • Mixed cohorts from diverse backgrounds
  • Workgroups with peers in similar roles and functions
  • Preferred access to the Circles by Afi U.

Study Plan

Day 1: Learning the skills and tools of the leader-coach

  • Discovering, understanding and developing the core skills of the leader-coach
  • Developing your listening skills
  • Experiencing the leader-coach mindset and assimilating the GROW model

1 individual coaching session between Day 1 and Day 2

Day 2: Developing an agile, situational leadership mindset; practising and embracing the leader-coach mindset

  • Reinforcing the core skills of the leader-coach: listening and skilful questioning
  • Understanding and developing your leadership style, roadblocks and motivators to develop an agile, situational leadership mindset
  • Assimilating the leader-coach mindset using a practical tool

Day 3: Anchoring the leader-coach mindset and moving forward as a community of practice

  • Reinforcing the core skills of the leader-coach
  • Assimilating new coaching tools
  • Learning in a community of practice by experimenting with energizing coaching sessions

Day 4: Sharing learning and commitments (personal and team)

  • Anchoring the mindset and core skills of the leader-coach
  • Advancing as a community of practice through coaching circle experimentation

Surround yourself with the best

Marie-Hélène Demers
Marie-Hélène Demers
Chief Executive Officer, Talent and Human Potential
Business coach, entrepreneur and organizational "metteur en scène", Marie-Hélène Demers is ignited by her vision of creating a human, supportive and prosperous world. Vice-President, Human, at Edgenda, she leads the coaching school and the center of expertise #coaching and leadership, with the mission of inspiring the development of people and teams in organization – for better cooperation in the service of our sustainability.
Dominique Barbès
Dominique Barbès
Trainer and Certified Coach
Dominique Barbès is a certified coach, trainer and consultant in leadership development within various organizations. She is an MCC coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
Zaida Bibiana Mangones Matos
Zaida Bibiana Mangones Matos
Zaida is a dynamic and highly qualified trilingual trainer, facilitator and coach that is considered as catalyst for individual and collective transformational processes. Not only is she graduated as a certified coach from the Edgenda/Mozaik Coaching School, but she also holds a major in career development (UQAM), a 2nd cycle university degree in epidemiology and an undergraduate medical doctorate from outside of Quebec. She is known for positive energy, her systemic vision, the quality of her presence and her ability to create bonds of trust.
Kathleen Sears
Kathleen Sears
Trainer, Coach, Leadership Consultant
A trainer, coach, and senior consultant for over 20 years, Kathleen Sears has solid experience in the implementation and delivery of training programs and as a training and organizational development coach. As a bilingual trainer at AFI Expertise, she has trained several thousand people primarily in management skills development, leadership, communication, and customer service.
Jean-Claude Silva
Jean-Claude Silva
Trainer, coach and senior advisor for more than 15 years, Jean-Claude Silva has a solid experience as a trainer and coach in training and organizational development. As an approved trainer and certified professional coach, he guides, among other things, high-level managers in their decision-making. Jean-Claude is a competent and effective communicator, able to get in touch with people of all levels and help them achieve their goals.
Florence Jacob
Florence Jacob
As a holder of a double bachelor's and master's degree in management from HEC Montréal, Florence has accumulated nearly 10 years of experience as a consultant and specialist in organizational development. Her career in parapublic, public and private organizations has allowed her to perfect her expertise in coaching and leader development. Promoting knowledge sharing and managerial skills transferring is at the heart of her approaches as a consultant. Florence is known as a committed partner. Her support type is dynamic, structured and oriented towards an opened and transparent communication.