Discover Outlook for the Web in Microsoft 365

Learn how to optimize your time management on the online version of Outlook in this course. See how Office 365 web tools can help you on a daily basis.
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Course outline

Duration : 3.5 hours

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The online version of Outlook offers an experience that is different from the desktop version. In this course, designed for learners who use the online version, you will become familiar with Outlook as well as with efficient time management practices.


Use of the web version of Office 365


• To develop good practices in email management
• To learn to manage the calendar
• To learn to manage tasks with the To Do tool

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos - Facilitated and individual exercises


Time Management

• Moving from time management to an efficient use of time
• Nine essential skills in time management
• The consequences of being scattered
• The importance of following up in time management
• The usefulness and benefits of daily and weekly planning


• Exploring the Outlook interface in the Office 365 environment
• Changing the various settings (display, themes, mail, calendar, etc.)
• Working with Teams
• Working with sent and received emails
• Managing and organizing emails
• Working with the Calendar
• Working with Contacts
• Working with the To Do ap

Surround yourself with the best

Ghislain Parent
Ghislain Parent
Trainer and Professional Efficiency Consultant
Ghislain Parent has more than 25 years of experience in project management in the fields of training, communication, IT and new technologies, including several years as an entrepreneur. Ghislain has worked at AFI Expertise as a professional efficiency trainer and consultant since 2013. He helps people leverage tools such as Office 365, SharePoint, Teams and OneNote, in addition to mobile technologies such as Android and Apple devices.
Olivier Blais
Olivier Blais
Trainer, Data Science
Olivier is a data science expert whose leading field of expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of AI and machine learning led him to support many companies’ digital transformations, as well as implementing projects in different industries.
Michel Cusin
Michel is the founder of Cusin Cybersécurité inc. and cumulates more than two decades in the field of cybersecurity. His years of experience as a consultant and a trainer in cybersecurity enabled him to develop a solid expertise, especially in the area of architecture, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, incident management, cyber investigation and training.
Davy Adam
Davy Adam is a bilingual consultant how's sharing his activity between France and Canada. He has been working as a trainer, a coach and a strategic business consultant for several years. Through his mandates, Davy works with companies to assist them in the adoption of cloud computing. He supports small and large businesses in the implementation of best practices, design and drafting of architectural documents. He also supports them to upskill their teams in terms of DevOps culture, DevSecOps compliance and security automation and FinOps.
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