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  • Duration: 5 days
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Course outline

Duration : 5 days

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Cybersecurity technicians and practitioners who apply strategies and techniques tailored to an organization's cybersecurity policies and models.
Individuals seeking advanced certification that demonstrates expertise and knowledge of security concepts, tools, procedures, design and engineering of secure solutions across large-scale enterprise environments.


You must have ten years' experience in IT administration, including at least five years of hands-on technical security experience. Although not a prerequisite, CASP+ training generally follows CompTIA Security+ or equivalent.


In this course, you’ll get the advanced skills you need to design and create secure solutions across complex business environments.

Your expert instructor will provide you with technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualise, engineer, integrate and implement secure solutions across complex environments to support a resilient enterprise.

You'll also learn:

  • Enterprise Security, including operations and architecture concepts, techniques, and requirements
  • Risk analysis and cyber defence anticipation
  • Mobile and small form factor devices’ security
  • Software vulnerability
  • How to integrate cloud and virtualisation technologies into a secure enterprise architecture
  • Cryptographic techniques, such as Blockchain- Cryptocurrency and Mobile device encryption


1.0 Risk Management (19% of exam)
  • Summarise business and industry influences and associated security risks
  • Compare and contrast security, privacy policies and procedures based on organisational requirements
  • Given a scenario, execute risk mitigation strategies and controls
  • Analyse risk metric scenarios to secure the enterprise
2.0 Enterprise Security Architecture (25% of exam)
  • Analyse a scenario and integrate network and security components, concepts and architectures to meet security requirements
  • Analyse a scenario to integrate security controls for host devices to meet security requirements
  • Analyse a scenario to integrate security controls for mobile and small form factor devices to meet security requirements
  • Given software vulnerability scenarios, select appropriate security controls
3.0 Enterprise Security Operations (20% of exam)
  • Given a scenario, conduct a security assessment using the appropriate methods
  • Analyse a scenario or output, and select the appropriate tool for a security assessment
  • Given a scenario, implement incident response and recovery procedures
4.0 Technical Integration of Enterprise Security (23% of exam)
  • Given a scenario, integrate hosts, storage, networks and applications into a secure enterprise architecture
  • Given a scenario, integrate cloud and virtualisation technologies into a secure enterprise architecture
  • Given a scenario, integrate and troubleshoot advanced authentication and authorisation technologies to support enterprise security objectives
  • Given a scenario, implement cryptographic techniques
  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate control to secure communications and collaboration solutions
5.0 Research, Development and Collaboration (13% of exam)
  • Given a scenario, apply research methods to determine industry trends and their impact to the enterprise
  • Given a scenario, implement security activities across the technology life cycle
  • Explain the importance of interaction across diverse business units to achieve security goals
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