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Building an Effective Business case

A workshop to apply techniques for validating the quality and relevance of the elements of a decision file.

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Course outline

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Référence : LCG-BA-01


The business case is the key element in selling a product, an idea or a solution. Selling your idea is an art, but it's also a technique. It's essential to be able to put down on paper a coherent list of strategic and economic arguments in favor of a solution, to ensure proper communication and guarantee the success of what you want to undertake.

From defining the need to creating a high-level implementation plan, this course is designed for anyone who needs to make recommendations for initiatives.
Using business and financial analysis techniques, this course puts into practice techniques to validate the quality and relevance of business case elements, and to ensure that defined objectives are transformed into real value for the company.

Target audience

Business analysts, project managers, managers


Knowledge of business needs


By putting business and financial analysis techniques into practice, this course demonstrates the quality and relevance of business case elements and ensures that defined objectives are transformed into measurable value for the company.

Teaching method

Practical: 60% Theoretical: 40%


Plan business analysis approach (P1.3)
Determine appropriate level of formality as well as detail of business analysis deliverables
Discover goals and objectives (D1)
Identify root causes of problems
State desired results at a high level
List business requirements (D31, D32)
Organize business needs in a changeable way
Organize business needs in an easy-to-understand way
Identify the value (D4)
Estimate the value of elements in the target situation
Establish the scope of change (D6)
Define and model scope
Analyze organizational impact
Decompose information (S2)
Use decomposition techniques to segment information into manageable elements
Validate requirements (S71)
Organize requirements according to organizational and user goals and objectives
Assess risks (E21)
Identify risks associated with requirements

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Jean Falardeau
Jean Falardeau
With a Masters degree in Science and a bachelor in information systems, Jean Falardeau has been in the business for more than 35 years. He works in business architecture and analysis, strategic consulting, change management, enterprise architecture, business process reengineering and AgilityFor nearly 7 years, Jean trained more than 400 people showing them best practices in architecture and business analysis. His work was based on guides such as BABOK and BIZBOK.
Louis Major
Louis Major
VP Digital Strategy & Business Transformation
Moëz Argoubi
Moëz Argoubi