Word Basic

Discover Word with this workshop. Learn how to create documents, manage text, use correction tools and print a document.
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  • Duration: 2 days
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Course outline

Please note that the most represented version in the group will be installed in computer workstations. However, the training addresses the differences between versions.

Duration : 2 days

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Windows - User or equivalent


  • Design simple documents using the various tools
  • Use writing help to increase efficiency when creating documents

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos - Facilitated and individual exercises


Chapter 1 - Identify interface elements

  • Open and close the Word application
  • Identify the elements of the interface
  • Become familiar with the Add-on tabs
  • Customize the interface with the quick access bar
  • Obtain help
  • File tab and Backstage view mode
  • Start screen, templates, navigation

Chapter 2 - Create and open documents

  • Create a new document
  • Set concepts related to data entry
  • Save and close a document
  • Open a document
  • Switch between documents and window management
  • Retrieve a document
  • Opening, creating and saving in the cloud

Chapter 3 - Control display and movement in documents

  • Use different display modes
  • Edit display size and live zoom
  • Move the insertion point in a document
  • Select, enter and replace text

Chapter 4 - Format characters

  • Format and edit character formatting
  • Edit character case
  • Set spaces between characters
  • Use highlighting
  • Remove formatting

Chapter 5 - Format paragraphs

  • Format and edit paragraph formatting
  • Align paragraphs
  • Set spacing between paragraphs
  • Set line spacing and paragraph indents
  • Use additional paragraph formatting options
  • Apply tabs
  • Apply Borders and Shadings

Chapter 6 - Manipulate text

  • View formats
  • Edit or delete formats
  • Apply a style and display the style pane
  • Reproduce formatting
  • Move and copy text
  • Use the Clipboard and multiple selections
  • Present a column text with columns of the same or different widths
  • Add a vertical line between the columns
  • Use column breaks

Chapter 7 - Build bulleted lists

  • Insert and delete a bulleted or numbered list
  • Continue the previous list
  • Customize a bulleted or numbered list

Chapter 8 - Use writing and editing tools

  • Set automatic language detection
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Find synonyms
  • Find and replace text
  • Use AutoCorrect
  • Insert symbols and special characters

Chapter 9 - Format pages and print a document

  • Format and prepare the document for printing
  • Perform simple page numbering
  • Print a document

For the Word 2016 version only

  • Tell me what you want to do? - Help in the 2016 version
  • Collaborative mode: the Share function

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Leif Martin Bédard
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Pierre-Edouard Brondel
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