Word Advanced: References and direct mail

Become a Word expert with this training. Learn how to create templates, forms, indexes, macros and bibliographies.
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  • Duration: 2 days
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Course outline

Please note that the most represented version in the group will be installed in computer workstations. However, the training addresses the differences between versions.

Duration : 2 days

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Windows - User or equivalent
Microsoft Word - Intermediate


  • Use Mail merge to create multiple documents in a single action
  • Create professional documents by adding references
  • Create forms easily

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos - Guided and individual exercises


Chapter 1 - Set references and cross-references in a document

  • Create a Footnote or an Endnote
  • Use bookmarks
  • Use cross-references
  • Create a hyperlink

Chapter 2 - Create a bibliography

  • Set reference styles
  • Insert a citation
  • Manage sources
  • Generate a bibliography

Chapter 3 - Create indexes

  • Mark index entries
  • Automatically mark index entries
  • Generate an index table

Chapter 4 - Explore basic concepts of Mail merge

  • Identify the specific items of the primary document and the data source
  • The features of the Mailings ribbon
  • Use the Mail Merge Wizard

Chapter 5 - Manage a data source

  • Create the data source
  • Edit the data source
  • Find a record
  • Add a new record
  • Delete a record

Chapter 6 - Prepare the primary document and execute Mail merge

  • Create the primary document
  • Link the primary document to a data source
  • Edit the primary document
  • Merge the data with the primary document
  • Apply filters to limit the list of recipients
  • Insert fields in the primary document
  • Insert rules to customize the merge result

Chapter 7 - Create envelopes, labels, and lists

  • Create mailing envelopes
  • Create mailing labels
  • Create lists (directory)
  • Create merged e-mail messages

Chapter 8 - Create templates

  • Use existing templates
  • Create custom templates
  • Manipulate document templates

Chapter 9 - Use group work tools

  • Use Track changes
  • Review the edited document
  • Show changes with the Reviewing Pane
  • Create and manipulate comments
  • Compare documents
  • Protect the document for comments and changes

Chapter 10 - Create forms

  • Introduction to the notion of forms
  • Identify types of fields and form controls
  • Insert and configure fields and form controls
  • Save the form as a template
  • Use a form

Chapter 11 - Create macros

  • Introduction to the notion of macros
  • Create and manipulate simple macros
  • Attach a macro to a Word document template

Add macros to the Quick Access Toolbar to quickly run macros

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