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Prepare for the VeriSM exam with this training. Understand the organization and culture of services, the model and progressive practices.
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Course outline

Course overview

VeriSM™ describes a service management approach from the organizational level, looking at the
end to end view rather than focusing on a single department. Based around the VeriSM™ model, it
shows organizations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to
deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers. VeriSM™ allows a tailored
approach depending upon the type of business you are in, the size of your organization, your
business priorities, your organizational culture, and even the nature of the individual project or
service you are working on. Rather than focusing on one prescriptive way of working, it helps
organizations to respond to their consumers and deliver value with integrated service management
practices. VeriSM™ shows you how to fit your current, effective ways of working into an overall
organizational context and flexibly adopt different management practices to meet different service
management situations.
The VeriSM™ Foundation certification builds the fundamental skills and knowledge enabling
individuals to participate in a service organization and to deliver value to the consumer. The
certification is based on VeriSM™ - A service management approach for the digital age.


The target group consists of all professionals and organizations involved in delivering value to customers through the development, delivery, operation and/or promotion of services. VeriSM™ Foundation, VeriSM™ Essentials and VeriSM™ Plus prove to be useful both for professionals at the very start of their service management career and for experienced professionals who need
access to a simple service management approach.
The certifications are essential for anyone who works with products and services and will be of particular interest to:
  • Graduates and undergraduates – who will be joining organizations and who need to understand the principles of service management.
  • Everyone within a service organization, in particular:
    o Managers – who want to understand how to leverage evolving management practices;
    o Service owners and service managers – who need to bring their skills up to date and understand how service management has changed;
    o Executives – who are accountable for effective service delivery;
    o IT professionals - who need to understand the impact of evolving management practices and new technologies on their role.
PrerequisitesNo prerequisite required for this program
Program Objectives
VeriSM™ is a service management approach that helps service providers to create a flexible
operating model to meet desired business outcomes. It describes how an organization can define
its service management principles and then use organizational capabilities, emerging technologies
and a combination of management practices to deliver value. The VeriSM™ Foundation certification validates a professional’s knowledge about:
  • The service organization;
  • Service culture;
  • People and organizational structure;
  • The VeriSM™ model;
  • Progressive practices;
  • Innovative technologies;
  • Getting started.
Program Contents
1 - The Service Organization
  • Organizational context
  • Organizational governance
  • Digital transformation
2 - Service culture
3 - People and organizational structure
  • Organization structure
  • Service Management challenges
4 - The VeriSM™ model
  • The VeriSM™ model
  • Adapting the VeriSM™ model
5 - Progressive practices
6 - Innovative technologies
  • Impact of technology
7 - Getting started
The VeriSM™ Foundation, VeriSM™ Essentials and VeriSM™ Plus certificates are part of the VeriSM™ qualification program.
The Foundation level can be offered in its entirety, but it has also been split up into two parts which can be offered separately as well: the VeriSM™ Essentials and the VeriSM™ Plus. The VeriSM™ Essentials focuses on the basic service management principles, where VeriSM™ Plus focuses on the progressive practices and how these relate to service management.
Requirements for certification
Successful completion of the VeriSM™ Foundation exam.
The following certificates will also lead to a VeriSM™ Foundation certificate:
  • A certificate in an existing Service Management certification + the VeriSM™ Plus certificate.
  • The VeriSM™ Essentials certificate + the VeriSM™ Plus certificate.
Examination details
VeriSM™ Foundation
Examination type: Computer-based
Number of questions: 40
Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)
Open book/notes: No
Electronic equipment/aides permitted: No
Time allotted for examination: 60 minutes
The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.
Indication study effort
40 hours
Study effort is the average effort to prepare for the exam, which can differ per candidate depending on the knowledge they already have. It includes reading the literature, trying the sample exam, attending the training session.
MaterialThe official pocketbook (VeriSM™ - A Pocket Guide) will be provided in electronic format. In the context of examination, the purchase of the official book is highly recommended (VeriSM™ - A service management approach for the digital age).

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