React - Fundamentals

Get started with Facebook's React library in this course. Explore the design of highly dynamic web interfaces and applications.

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  • Duration: 2 days
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Course outline

Duration : 2 days

React is a JavaScript library originally built by Facebook. It allows developers to create large web apps using simple components that are connected to one another, like lego pieces. It provides speed, simplicity, and scalability.

In a few short years, React has become the most popular JS libraryon the planet. It is now is used on millions of web sites, including Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Uber and Airbnb.


1. Introduction to React
  • What is React? (previously known as ReactJS)
  • Specs, pros and cons
  • Installation
  • React Hello World
  • Deploying a React application
2. JSX and rendering
  • React API
  • JSX Language
  • Virtual DOM and Reconciliation
3. Components
  • Component types
  • Property components (React Props)
  • State Components (React State)
4. Lifecycle
  • Creation and destruction of components
  • Lifecycle methods (componentDidMount(), componentWillUnmount())
  • How to use SetState()
5. Managing Events
  • Event listeners
  • Synthetic Events
6. Functional programming using Hooks
  • What are Hooks
  • Using the State Hook
  • Using the Effect Hook
7. Routing
  • History
  • Paths
  • Links
8. Forms
  • Controlled components
  • Uncontrolled components
  • Refs
  • Validation
  • Using keys
9. Loading data into State
  • Using fetch() to get data from API
  • Modify data with an API
  • Asynchronous programming with JS
  • Using Google Firebase notifications
10. Advanced React tooling
  • Intro to the React Dev tools
  • Debugging Extension
  • Navigating components
  • Analyzing performance with profiler
  • Detect what is rendering
  • Error Boundaries
11. React Architecture Best Practices
  • Where to put State
  • Why should State be immutable?
  • What about css?

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