Program manage Your Time, Priorities, Notes and Emails

Three of our most popular courses to teach you how to organize your work and make the most of your time with Outlook and OneNote.
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  • Duration: 1.5 days
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Course outline

Duration : 10.5 hours (1.5 day)

This path, composed of three of our most popular courses, is designed to teach you how to efficiently organize your work and manage your time with Outlook and OneNote. You will learn how to: manage your time, priorities and tasks in Outlook; organize communications and emails in Outlook; and organize ideas and notes in OneNote.

Whether you value performance or work-life balance, knowing how to manage your time is a must-learn.


This course is for anyone, manager or employee, looking for practical methods and strategies to better organize their work.


Manage your time, priorities and tasks in Outlook

  • Understand basic time management concepts
  • Create a dashboard using the calendar
  • Work effectively with the Calendar to better manage appointments
  • Improve daily and weekly planning
  • Efficiently manage follow-ups in the Task folder (whether related to clients, projects or administrative)
  • Centralize tasks in order to better prioritize and eliminate the long to-do lists and "sticky notes" that clutter the desktop
  • Work with emails that generate tasks and follow-ups
Organize your communications and emails
  • Identify elements that can help or hinder time management
  • Define when, how and why to use email
  • Manage loss of time due to email interruptions
  • Use the To, CC and CCI fields more judiciously
  • Use folders wisely in Outlook
  • Conduct effective searches
  • Create email rules to reduce the number of emails in the inbox and sort them more easily and efficiently
  • Automate some repetitive actions using quick actions
  • Create email templates and Quick Parts
  • Understand the email lifecycle and best practices for following-up and not forgetting anything
Organize your notes and ideas with OneNote
  • Set-up for a great start
  • The concept of intuitive note-taking
  • Manage tags and the tags summary
  • Manage notebooks, groups, sections, subsections, pages and subpages
  • Share note pages with your team
  • Essentials of effective note-taking
  • Manage notes in project mode
  • Manage notes in R&D mode
  • Manage class notes
  • Manage meetings
  • Manage phone messages
  • Attachments
  • Print/send to OneNote
  • Search notes
  • How Microsoft Outlook and OneNote work together
  • Customize templates
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Surround yourself with the best

Ghislain Parent
Ghislain Parent
Trainer and Professional Efficiency Consultant
Ghislain Parent has more than 25 years of experience in project management in the fields of training, communication, IT and new technologies, including several years as an entrepreneur. Ghislain has worked at AFI Expertise as a professional efficiency trainer and consultant since 2013. He helps people leverage tools such as Office 365, SharePoint, Teams and OneNote, in addition to mobile technologies such as Android and Apple devices.
Charles Mayer
Charles Mayer
As an andragogy's expert with many years of experience in the field of workplace training, Charles is committed to his peers' professionnal development, so that they gain in efficiency, skills and control.
Mike Renoir-Chéry
Mike Renoir-Chéry
AWS Certified Trainer
Mike is a passionate, patient and dynamic trainer. Always attentive, he likes to help students understand the subject by involving them as much as possible in the process of knowledge transfer and by keeping an atmosphere free of stress and judgment in the classroom. He has a solid experience in office automation and technologies, with skills in Windows, Mac OS and iOS operating systems, as well as with the Office suite and M365.
Johanna Boulos
Johanna Boulos
Johanna acts as a trainer in professional effectiveness. Her ease in expressing herself and her great patience allow her to communicate in a clear and accessible language for all levels of groups she teaches to. As a candidate to a master's degree in education and a teacher with experience, Johanna brings a pedagogical approach to her trainings.
Marc Maisonneuve
Marc Maisonneuve
Training program director
Marc Maisonneuve has acted as a Training Program Director, professional effectiveness trainer and user tools practice leader at AFI for several years. Mr. Maisonneuve is known for his analytical skills, his legendary calm and his undeniable desire to encourage people to develop their skills. He has the ability to present technological solutions in a natural way and to adapt them to the concrete needs of the workplace.
Francis Ferland-Stevenson
Francis Ferland-Stevenson
Francis began as a trainer more than 5 years ago by testing office automation tools designed specifically to met the needs of his colleagues. His calm and his empathy makes him able to adapt his language according to the level of experience of the group. This makes his learnings clear and accessible to anyone. As a trainer, he is therefore attentive to the needs of his students to make sure they meet their objectives and face the challenges.
Yves Pilon
Yves Pilon
Yves Pilon is passionate about technological tools. His knowledge of web and office softwares has made him an expert on all Microsoft Office tools. Yves' excellent pedagogy has earned him praise from our clients on several occasions. He stands out for his spirit of synthesis and active sense of listening to the needs of the participants. The expertise he has accumulated over the years gives him the ability to ensure a productive transfer of knowledge to our clients.

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