Program Becoming a Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Champion

The aim of this course is to train super-users capable of helping other Microsoft 365 users. It is composed of 5 modules of half a day each (3.5h)
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  • Duration: 5 days
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Course outline

Duration : 5 half days

Microsoft Office 365 offers more than tools on the cloud. Office 365 offers opportunities to improve your efficiency and transform your traditional methods into modern collaborative practices. In addition to providing access to your information at anytime and anywhere through mobility, it simplifies your business processes as well as the management of your day-to-day activities.

In this step by step training, you will learn how to take advantage of the many Office 365 tools built into Teams.

In addition, you will learn how to facilitate collaboration with tools like OneDrive, Teams sites and OneNote. You will explore new personal and team management tools like Planner and To Do and we will teach you how to take advantage of the mobile tools when you travel and telework.


  • Team leaders wanting to improve collaboration
  • Employees wanting to take advantage of the main Office 365 tools
  • IT personnel wanting to better understand the user experience


  • Use of Microsoft cloud tools including Teams
  • Desire to improve knowledge of Office 365 collaboration and sharing tools


To gradually develop your knowledge of the tools in order to confidently determine which tools are most relevant to your needs and those of your team.

Teaching Method

Our small-group training strategy aims to:

  • Allow you to interact with the trainer
  • Give you the opportunity to experiment with all the tools without restriction

Training sessions are interactive, allowing for:

  • High participation and engagement
  • Sharing and learning from the experience of other participants
  • Use of practical examples that are easily transferable to the work environment.

Module 1 : Collaborate efficiently with Microsoft 365 and Teams

  • Understanding the Microsoft 365 collaborative structure
  • Document management - Distinguishing between:
  • OneDrive (personal workspace)
  • Teams and collaboration sites (team workspace)
  • Communication sites (corporate workspace)
  • Why should we use Onedrive
  • Quickly finding files in Microsoft 365
  • Understanding the difference between Office online and desktop versions
  • Quickly saving files from the desktop app
  • How to use Teams
  • Creating a team
  • By committee, by project, by department
  • Collaborating in Teams versus OneDrive
  • Creating and managing channels
  • Effective team conversation - How to reduce emails
  • Team files
  • Must-have tabs: OneNote, Planner
  • Instant messaging (Chat) in Teams
  • Understanding the Files tab and how it’s linked to SharePoint library
  • Finding and managing the Recycle Bin in SharePoint
  • Viewing the version history
  • Sharing in Teams via SharePoint
  • Using the SharePoint team site linked to Teams
  • Organizing the team library
  • Copying and moving files - Best practices
  • Why and how to follow the collaboration site

Module 2 : Managing meetings with Teams with Microsoft 365

  • How to structure Teams for meetings
  • Structuring your Teams:
  • By committee, by project, or by department
  • Adding members and guests
  • Creating and managing channels
  • Effective team conversation and how to reduce emails
  • How to share “read-only” between Teams
  • Managing a meeting
  • Inviting via Outlook or Teams
  • Creating virtual meetings or videoconferences in Teams
  • Saving and sharing meetings
  • How a meeting unfolds
  • Sharing content with members
  • Using the whiteboard
  • Plan and follow task progress with Planner
  • Take and share effective notes with OneNote
  • Understanding the difference between the online and desktop versions of Office
  • Instant messaging (Chat) in Teams
  • Viewing the version history in documents
  • Distinguishing between:
  • OneDrive (personal workspace)
  • Teams and collaboration sites (team workspace)

Module 3 : Managing teams or projects tasks using Microsoft Teams, Planner, and To Do

  • Planner in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem
  • Team collaboration using Teams and Planner
  • Managing project conversations
  • Collaborating on project-related documents
  • Creating a work plan in the project channel
  • Developing a Planner Board
  • Tracking task progress
  • Scheduling tasks in the project calendar
  • Assigning project tasks
  • Creating project meetings in Teams
  • Managing tasks in To Do
  • Working with your mobile device:
  • Follow progress with Planner on your phone
  • Follow up on your tasks from anywhere with To Do
  • Participate in a project meeting on your cell phone using Teams

Module 4 : Optimise the SharePoint team site connected with Microsoft Teams

  • Understanding the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and its components
  • Individual workspace (OneDrive)
  • Collaborative workspace (Teams)
  • Communication and publication workspace
  • Uses of SharePoint and Teams in the ecosystem
  • Planning and creating an efficient collaborative structure that integrates SharePoint and Teams
  • Modern management of governance and security in SharePoint
  • Managing security:
  • In team sites
  • In communication sites
  • Sharing between team sites
  • SharePoint hub sites
  • Understanding document management and its challenges
  • Document management and metadata
  • Managing how libraries are displayed
  • Creating a customized list
  • Modern experience in SharePoint
  • Team site/Office 365 Group and Teams
  • Communication site
  • Modern site pages
  • The new essential web parts
  • Modern search experience

Module 5 : Redesigning modern communications using Forms, Sway, Stream, and Viva Engage (Yammer)

Forms: Creating Forms and Quizzes

  • Accessing the Forms app
  • Creating a form
  • Creating a form using an Excel file
  • Creating a form or quiz using the Forms app
  • Developing and customizing a form
  • Viewing form results
  • Adjusting form settings
  • Sharing a form

Sway: Creating Interactive Presentations

  • Creating a Sway presentation
  • Creating a Sway from a topic
  • Creating a Sway from an existing document
  • Customizing a Sway
  • Understanding the components of a Sway
  • Adding content to a Sway, such as a form
  • Adjusting the settings
  • Sharing a Sway
  • Embedding a Sway into a communication site

Stream: Streaming Videos

  • Creating a Stream channel
  • Posting videos
  • Posting Stream videos in Yammer
  • Embedding a video into a communication site or a Sway
  • Explore content access

Yammer: Engaging and Collaborating

  • Accessing Yammer
  • Engaging and collaborating in Yammer
  • Starting a new conversation
  • Replying to a conversation
  • Marking a post as read
  • Digging deeper – Advanced functions

Further training

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Surround yourself with the best

Ghislain Parent
Ghislain Parent
Trainer and Professional Efficiency Consultant
Ghislain Parent has more than 25 years of experience in project management in the fields of training, communication, IT and new technologies, including several years as an entrepreneur. Ghislain has worked at AFI Expertise as a professional efficiency trainer and consultant since 2013. He helps people leverage tools such as Office 365, SharePoint, Teams and OneNote, in addition to mobile technologies such as Android and Apple devices.
Olivier Blais
Olivier Blais
Trainer, Data Science
Olivier is a data science expert whose leading field of expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of AI and machine learning led him to support many companies’ digital transformations, as well as implementing projects in different industries.
Michel Cusin
Michel is the founder of Cusin Cybersécurité inc. and cumulates more than two decades in the field of cybersecurity. His years of experience as a consultant and a trainer in cybersecurity enabled him to develop a solid expertise, especially in the area of architecture, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, incident management, cyber investigation and training.
Davy Adam
Davy Adam is a bilingual consultant how's sharing his activity between France and Canada. He has been working as a trainer, a coach and a strategic business consultant for several years. Through his mandates, Davy works with companies to assist them in the adoption of cloud computing. He supports small and large businesses in the implementation of best practices, design and drafting of architectural documents. He also supports them to upskill their teams in terms of DevOps culture, DevSecOps compliance and security automation and FinOps.
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