PowerPoint - Animations and Multimedia

Refine your PowerPoint skills with this program. Discover WordArt, SmartArt diagrams, graphics, audio and video integration.
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  • Duration: 2 days
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Course outline

Please note that the most represented version in the group will be installed in computer workstations. However, the training addresses the differences between versions.

Duration : 2 days

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PowerPoint Basic – Excel Notions (an asset)


  • Design a dynamic presentation using different tools
  • Illustrate information using graphs

Teaching method

Presentations - Demos - Facilitated and individual exercises


Chapter 1 – Work with objects (revision)

  • Define an object
  • Differentiate object types
  • Align and distribute objects
  • Shape fusion, shape alignments of shapes
Chapter 2 - Masters (revision)
  • Show slide masters
  • Edit masters
  • Add a layout
  • Apply several masters
Chapter 3 – WordArt object
  • Text and Word Art
  • Inserting a WordArt object
  • Assign a WordArt effect to a text
  • Edit attributes
  • Remove a WordArt effect
Chapter 4 – SmartArt graphics
  • SmartArt graphics and charts
  • Insert a SmartArt object
  • Recognize SmartArt tools
  • Edit a SmartArt
  • Working with the Text pane
  • Manipulate the shapes of a SmartArt
  • Convert a list to SmartArt
  • Convert an image to SmartArt
Chapter 5 – Charts
  • Insert a chart
  • Recognize chart tools
  • Edit data with Microsoft Excel
  • Import data from an Excel sheet
Chapter 6 – Apply effects to images
  • Use the Image Tools tab
  • Apply and edit styles
  • Assign artistic effects
  • Apply corrections
  • Change the color
  • Remove the background
  • Capture an image
  • Use adjusted cropping
  • Compress an image
  • New Eyedropper for color sampling
Chapter 7 – Work with animations
  • Introduction to animations
  • The Animations tab
  • Apply an effect
  • Add animation effects
  • Create a custom animation
  • Animate text, graphics, audio and video
  • Insert an animation into a master
Chapter 8 – Insert audio
  • Differentiate audio files
  • Insert an audio file
  • Become familiar with the contextual tabs
Chapter 9 – Insert video
  • Differentiate video files
  • Insert a video file
  • Become familiar with the contextual tabs
  • Edit a video
  • Add bookmarks and objects to videos
Chapter 10 – Create a custom Slide Show
  • Create, edit a custom slideshow
  • View a custom slideshow
  • Insert hypertext links
  • Add action buttons
  • Create menus
Chapter 11 – Save in different formats
  • Save an object as an image
  • Save a presentation as an image
  • Slideshow format (PPSX)
  • Save as a video file
  • Improve and optimize media recording
Chapter 12 – Create a photo album
  • Create a photo album
  • Edit a photo album
Chapter 13 – Presenter View
  • Why the presenter view
  • Multiple monitors
  • Set screens
  • New Presenter View
Chapter 14 – Summary Exercises

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