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Organizing your communications and emails with Outlook

Duration: 0,5 day

Schedule: 1:00 to 4:30 PM

Emails take up a lot of space. We hear increasingly about how Infobesity and email management can eat up to 20% of the work week in some organizations. Perfecting our email use and communication methods are no longer a luxury but a necessity for improving efficiency.

LanguagesThese scheduled public sessions are offered in English or in French (FR).


This course applies to any person, manager or employee who receives multiple emails per day and wants to learn concrete time-saving methods and techniques.

Versions taught2007 | 2010 | 2013 | 2016


  • To help the participant take action on two fronts: as the sender and as the receiver.
  • As the sender: to help the participant send more prudently by thinking more about the way in which they use emails. Why? When? How?
  • As the receiver: to teach the participant all computer techniques that may help reduce the time spent handling emails. To help them prioritize, classify and reduce the negative impact of interruptions.


In this training course, the participant will learn:

  • How email can be helpful or harmful to time management;
  • The actual time costs of email use;
  • The whens, hows and whys of email use;
  • To reduce the time lost due to email interruptions;
  • To use To, Cc and Bcc correctly;
  • To write emails properly;
  • To use certain advanced options when sending emails;
  • To properly classify emails as short-, medium- or long-term and conduct efficient searches;
  • To use advanced search options and search folders;
  • To use customer history to manage information by person;
  • To create email rules to decrease the number of emails in the Inbox and sort them more easily and more quickly;
  • Tips and tricks to improve email writing;
  • The 15 key rules for good email use;
  • To properly manage Contacts folders and mailing lists.

Time-management concepts addressed during this training course:

  • Impacts of scattering tasks;
  • Impacts of work interruptions;
  • Impacts of the tyranny and urgency caused by new communication tools;
  • Impacts of information overload.
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