Organizing communications and emails with Outlook

Find out how to organize your emails in this workshop. Learn how to effectively manage Outlook as both a sender and a receiver.
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  • Duration: 0.5 days
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Course outline

Duration: 0,5 day

To improve your email usage and communication skills.

E-mails take up a lot of space. We are even talking more and more about Infobesity and managing emails can eat up to 20% of the work week in some organizations. Improving your email usage and the way we communicate is no longer a luxury but a necessity to improve our efficiency. Whether you value performance or work-life balance, knowing how to manage your time is a must. Our experts in professional efficiency offer you a training that combines the concept of time management and IT techniques.


This course applies to any person, manager or employee who receives multiple emails per day and wants to learn concrete time-saving methods and techniques.


  • Help the participant to act in two ways: as sender and receiver.
  • Send in a more thoughtful way by asking more questions about how they use e-mail. Why? When? How?
  • Manage email reception by using effective means that can help reduce email handling time


  • Identify elements that can help or hinder time management
  • Define when, how and why to use email
  • Manage time loss due to email interruptions
  • Use the To, CC and CCI fields more judiciously
  • Use folders wisely in Outlook
  • Conduct effective research
  • Create messaging rules to reduce the number of emails in the inbox and sort them more easily and efficiently
  • Automate some repetitive actions using fast actions
  • Create email templates and QuickParts
  • Understand the email lifecycle and best practices for tracking and remembering everything,
  • Create email templates and QuickParts,
  • The email lifecycle and best practices for tracking and remembering everything,
  • For Office 365 users
    - How Microsoft Teams can help improve communications management, reduce CCs and foster collaboration while being more efficient.

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Virginie Louis
Virginie Louis
Efficiency Trainer, Facilitator and Spatial Intelligence Consultant
Virginie sees herself first and foremost as a facilitator: she strays from the standard training to provide solutions that are adapted to her clients’ realities and objectives.
Ghislain Parent
Ghislain Parent
Trainer and Professional Efficiency Consultant
With more than 25 years of experience, Ghislain thrives on the challenge of improving your work team’s efficiency.
Mohamed Righi
Mohamed Righi
Mohamed lets you go at your own pace to learn new ways of using IT tools in your work.
Pierre-Edouard Brondel
Pierre-Edouard Brondel
Trainer and Desktop Application Consultant
Renowned as an educational expert in the IT and office technology field who has accumulated more than 25 years of experience, Pierre-Édouard is first and foremost passionate about human capital.
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