Optimizing Data Analysis Using Pivot Tables and Graphs

Become an expert in pivot tables with this training. Optimize your existing tables and create new ones that are more efficient.
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Schedule : 1:00pm to 4:30pm

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Pivot tables and graphs are essential for quickly and accurately analyzing data. Pivot tables make it possible to cross-analyze data in just a few clicks. Pivot graphs are easy to create and, because they are visually compelling, enhance understanding. Creating slicers makes both tables and graphs more dynamic as well as easier to adapt to the user’s needs.
Practical and packed with tips, this training will help you improve your existing pivot tables and graphs, and create even more effective ones in the future. Quite simply essential for boosting your organization’s business intelligence, this training will benefit anyone who handles data lists and tables.


Intermediate Excel users or anyone who has taken the “Excel Essentials” or the “Discover Power Query and Dynamically Connect Data in Excel” training.


3.5 hours of theoretical presentation and demonstrations.
Versions taught

Excel 2013 | 2016


Thanks to this training, you will be able to
  • understand when, why, and how to create a pivot table;
  • analyze, calculate, and organise your data;
  • create a pivot graph.
Pivot tables
  • convert a normal range into a table
  • create a pivot table
  • use the field list function
  • create a report filter
  • use filters
  • update a pivot table
  • understand hidden or public segments
  • change the combine functions
  • group or ungroup data
  • display values as percentages
Creating formulas in a pivot table
  • fields calculated
  • elements calculated
Pivot graphs
  • create a graph
  • change the appearance of graphs

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Leif Martin Bédard
Leif Martin Bédard
Trainer and Desktop Application Consultant
Specialized in the Microsoft suite and with a background in accelerated learning, Leif is a trainer whose communication approach and adaptability are always fully appreciated
Pierre-Edouard Brondel
Pierre-Edouard Brondel
Trainer and Desktop Application Consultant
Renowned as an educational expert in the IT and office technology field who has accumulated more than 25 years of experience, Pierre-Édouard is first and foremost passionate about human capital.
Ghislain Parent
Ghislain Parent
Trainer and Professional Efficiency Consultant
With more than 25 years of experience, Ghislain thrives on the challenge of improving your work team’s efficiency.
Marc Maisonneuve
Marc Maisonneuve
Trainer and Professional Efficiency Consultant
Be aware of trends, innovations and best practices, every month.
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