Office 365: Understand the most common problems to support users

Deepen your knowledge of Office 365 tools. Become the ultimate helper and support every O365 users in your company with this training.
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Course outline

Duration : 1 day (7 hours)

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This training is tailored for support teams who work with Office 365 while also assisting users. Support teams must understand the full potential of Office 365 as well as the problems commonly encountered by users. It should be noted that this course is not designed for the administrators of an Office 365 admin center.


Working to support end-users with the various Office 365 tools


Discover tools in the Office 365 ecosystem as well as what’s new in office technology

Teaching method

Presentations – Demos – Facilitated and individual exercises


  • How to use OneDrive
    • Creating, uploading, and editing files
    • Sharing and how to manage existing shared documents
    • Coediting (online, desktop, and mobile apps)
    • Shared file section (with me and by me)
    • The two recycle bins
  • Searching in OneDrive and in the Office 365 home page
  • Discovering Office 365's intelligent search engine
  • Distinguishing between the online and desktop versions
  • Understanding differences between Office 365 Groups and Teams groups
    • Conversations in Outlook
    • Group calendar in Outlook
    • Why and how to follow the collaboration site
  • How to use Teams
    • Creating a team (Who can create? Creating via Teams and via Office 365 admin)
    • Creating a team from an existing Office 365 Group
    • Creating a team from another Teams
    • Creating and managing channels
    • Understanding Show/Hide
    • Understanding the File tab and its associated SharePoint library (impact of folder location, renaming a channel)
    • Finding and managing the team Recycle bin
    • Viewing documents versions
    • Different ways of sharing in Teams
    • Understanding secure channels
    • Creating and managing tabs: OneNote, Planner, Viewers, and other web content
    • Editing the team and managing members in Teams
    • Managing members in Office 365 admin
    • Understanding the roles in Teams: owners, members, and guests
    • Searching in Teams
    • Instant messaging (Chat) and files
  • Understanding how Teams integrates Office 365 Groups and other apps for teams:
    • Planner
    • Forms
    • SharePoint
    • Streams
    • Power BI
    • Outlook (Groups)
  • Discovering tips and tricks for users
    • Quickly saving files from the desktop
    • Sending attachments and links from Outlook
  • Understanding the mobile apps
    • Teams
    • OneDrive, Office, SharePoint
    • OneNote
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Outlook
  • Managing "My Account"
    • Software, subscriptions, security
  • Coaching the support team to assist users
  • Understanding the functionalities that are commonly problematic for users
  • Knowing how to assist users in a "VUCA" paradigm: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.
    • The Cloud is constantly evolving, changing and is perpetually updated. It is important to prepare support teams to this context.

Surround yourself with the best

Pierre-Edouard Brondel
Pierre-Edouard Brondel
Trainer and Desktop Application Consultant
Renowned as an educational expert in the IT and office technology field who has accumulated more than 25 years of experience, Pierre-Édouard is first and foremost passionate about human capital.
Marc Maisonneuve
Marc Maisonneuve
Trainer and Professional Efficiency Consultant
Frédéric Paradis
Frédéric Paradis
Certified Trainer and Cloud Architect
As a certified Microsoft trainer, Frédéric describes himself as a Cloud magician who easily navigates the mythical space between technology and reality.
Luc Labelle
Certified Trainer and IT Consultant
Recognized by his peers as an inspiring coach, trainer, and consultant, Luc is able to transfer his knowledge to benefit his teams.
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