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Train the Trainer (EN)

Train the Trainer

Duration : 2 days

These scheduled sessions are offered in EnglishSee our French sessions

This training is accredited by the Chambre de l’Assurance de Dommages (ChAD) and provides 14 UFCs.
The Barreau du Québec recognizes this training for the purpose of mandatory continuing education for a period of 14 hours.




This training program has no prerequisites.


The purpose of this training is to teach how to guide learning and ensure training group participation.
  • Use an andragogical approach to training.
  • Apply a structured method for initiating, directing, and concluding a session and learning activities.
  • Use the trainer’s communication tools.
  • Use concrete means to elicit and maintain the interest of participants from beginning to end.


Training and learning
  • Training to develop skills.
  • Seven characteristics of adult learners.
  • The learning process.
  • Commitment and memorization.
Learning objectives
  • Why have learning objectives.
  • Levels and types of objectives.
A structured approach
  • Getting ready.
  • Initiating a session.
  • Starting the day.
  • Presenting a learning activity.
  • Concluding a session.
Animation and communication
  • Manage the three dimensions of group dynamics.
  • Listen.
  • Ask questions.
  • Use the seven “R’s”.
  • Provide feedback.
A toolbox
  • Icebreakers and energizers.
  • Tips to optimize the various periods throughout the day.
  • Tips to encourage learning.
  • Tips to boost training.
  • Visual aids.