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How to deal with complaints and difficult clients (EN)

How to deal with complaints and difficult clients


Learn to get through delicate and tense situations with customers, all the while maintaining the quality of the customer relationship and protecting yourself.


  • Transform communications with your customers into pleasant memories for them and for you.
  • Deal with tough situations in a way that makes everyone happy.
  • Defuse killer comments with words that restore hope.
  • Specify concrete ways to improve your customer relationships.
  • Counter escalating feelings that follow rejection.


The service relationship
  • The three aspects of a customer relationship.
  • The cycle and stages of a customer relationship.
  • The limitations of customer service.
The dissatisfied customer
  • When unmet needs cause pressure to build.
  • The stages of escalating feelings.
  • Obtaining the customer’s help.
Response techniques
  • Saying no and maintaining the customer relationship.
  • Regaining control of a customer relationship.
  • Responding to killer comments.