Leader as coach: Add coaching to your leadership skills

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  • Duration: 3.5 days
  • Regular price: $2,450

Course outline

Duration : 3 days

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Develop your coaching skills with a hands-on approach that you can use right away in your workplace.

Through a tried-and-tested interactive program, develop the key leader’s coaching skills for empowering your employees and teams to grant them greater autonomy and reach the goals of your organization.


  • Leaders, managers, supervisors;
  • Strategic advisors and other employee support players;
  • Project managers and coordinators;
  • HR professionals.



Highlights of the program (distinctive benefits):

  • Learn within a network of learners – in peer groups!

Enjoy the rich and unique opportunity of a practice community and learn from the appreciative-constructive feedback of your peers.

  • Throughout both workshops and small group activities, an authentic learning community is created to support you in gradually developing a coaching mindset, new reflexes, behaviours and habits, while encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, take risks and get moving.
  • Action-based, hands-on learning

The program accelerates learning and rapid application in the professional environment.

  • Reinforce your learning with the B12 platform.
    Explore numerous case studies, practical exercises, easily transferable coaching tools within your organization. Our goal: help you develop the key coaching skills you need as a leader, both during and after training.
  • Customized learning

A one-on-one coaching session is included to help you set your personal learning objectives and prepare for your next stages of development.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn coaching basics and key skills (e.g., active listening, powerful questioning, giving feedback, constructive dialogue).
  • Exploit the full potential of your coaching mindset by applying your strengths and talents and learn to adapt your leadership style to the context.
  • Use and apply coaching techniques/tools in conversations to increase your impact and empower your team.
  • Learn to co-create stimulating development plans with your employees and teams for greater success.
  • Identify and evaluate measures of success and potential roadblocks to management, leader, supervisor, and coach transformation.

Proven results of the program

This program will help you develop strategic coaching skills so you can go back to work with hands-on experience and know-how to coach your teams and achieve your projects. Through practice with tried-and-tested tools, you’ll draw from your newly gained experience immediately in your professional context.

Develop and improve the skills you need to be able to coach employees throughout the organization and nurture an organizational learning culture for greater impact.

Pedagogical approach

Leadership and coach skill development is an iterative process that begins with practical, hands-on applications that focus on learning new skills and acquire experience in applying them.

We create collaborative learning environments so that leaders can think critically about their work, tackle complex issues, share their personal vision, and learn from other dynamic and successful people, to go back better equipped to reach your own objectives.

The 3 pillars of our pedagogical approach

  1. Learning by experience as you benefit from the vast knowledge of the other learners.

    Our programs offer put you into practice situations that meet the 70-20-10 rule (i.e., 70% practice, 20% learning through dialogue with peers, and 10% formal theory).
  1. Reinforce your learning to make sure you apply your new skills, make progress, monitor your progress, and assess your learning.

    Using the B12 platform is embedded in the program so you can get the most from the program through practice and reinforcement, and help you develop your personally targeted leadership skills.
    • Ongoing progress assessment, that team managers can also access, and personalized support to improve on areas pinpointed through testing.
    • Post-training support for added practice and knowledge reinforcement.

  1. Intention and impact: Boost your training investment ROI and convert it into concrete action for both individual excellence and results.

We don’t aim to simply offer training; we believe in learning. And especially turning lessons learned into immediate results for greater impact to the organization and the bottom line.

Content overview

DAY 1 – Creating the conditions for success. Learn leader coaching skills and tools.

Introduction; set personal and collective development intentions.

The roles and skills the leader as coach:

  • Managers’ hats
  • Listening
  • Asking questions

The GROW coaching model (Goal, Reality, Options, Wrap-up)

  • Powerful coaching tool: a process calling for action.
  • Demonstration et experimentation

1 coaching session is planned between Day 1 and 2.

DAY 2 – Develop a situational/agile leadership mindset and embrace the coaching mindset of a leader.

Experimentation and practical application of tools

  • Levels of listening
  • Powerful coaching questions
  • Practice using the coaching framework with the GROW tool.

Understand and develop your personal leadership style, roadblocks, and motivators.

DAY 3 – Anchor the mindset of the leader as coach and work with the practice community to prepare your next steps.

Anchor your coaching mindset, prepare the next steps

  • Practice dialogue and constructive feedback (FITS).
  • Create stimulating development plans.
  • Practice giving motivating coaching sessions.

Wrap-up about experience and sharing learning and commitments (personal and team).​

Be aware of trends, innovations and best practices, every month.
Training center accredited by Emploi-Québec, Accreditation : 0051460
GST : 141582528 – QST : 1019557738
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